Question about tempfile.rb - Ruby vs C



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Question about tempfile.rb - Ruby vs C

Postby Daniel Berger » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 04:13:56 GMT

Hi all,

Just curious - why was Ruby's temporary file handling class
(tempfile.rb) written in pure Ruby instead of using the tmpfile()
function? That function appears to be supported on most platforms,
including MS Windows.

Are there file locking or threading issues I'm not aware of?

The tmpfile() function does have the advantage of deleting itself when
all references to it are gone, instead of waiting until the Ruby
process itself dies. Perhaps there's no real advantage to that,

Like I said, not an issue, just curious.



PS - Below is a simple version I created for Solaris (before I
realized how ubiquitous the tmpfile function was):

#include <ruby.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#define VERSION "0.0.1"

VALUE mSolaris, cTempfile;

/* :call-seq:
 * => file
 * Creates a new, anonymous temporary file in your Tempfile::TMPDIR
 * or /tmp if that cannot be accessed. If your $TMPDIR environment
variable is
 * set, it will be used instead. If $TMPDIR is not writable by the
process, it
 * will resort back to Tempfile::TMPDIR or /tmp.
static VALUE tempfile_init(VALUE self){
   VALUE v_args[1];

   v_args[0] = INT2FIX(fileno(tmpfile()));

   rb_call_super(1, v_args);

void Init_tempfile(){
   mSolaris  = rb_define_module("Solaris");
   cTempfile = rb_define_class_under(mSolaris, "Tempfile", rb_cFile);

   rb_define_method(cTempfile, "initialize", tempfile_init, 0);

   rb_define_const(cTempfile, "TMPDIR", rb_str_new2(P_tmpdir));
   rb_define_const(cTempfile, "VERSION", rb_str_new2(VERSION));

Re: Question about tempfile.rb - Ruby vs C

Postby Tim Pease » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 04:43:26 GMT

The Ruby Tempfile class creates a finalizer that will delete the temp
file when it is collected by the garbage collector; the Ruby Tempfile
also deletes the temp file when it is closed. Your paragraph above
makes it sound like this is not the case.

I do not know why the C tmpfile function was not used. Maybe Matz
likes programming in Ruby more than programming in C   ;)


Re: Question about tempfile.rb - Ruby vs C

Postby Daniel Berger » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 05:54:32 GMT

I was basing my comment on the Pickaxe 2, p. 741 which says,
"...temporary files are automatically deleted when the Ruby process



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