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Fwd: Output a filelist to TXT file on Mainframe

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Subject: Re: Output a filelist to TXT file on Mainframe

You can also write tailored control decks using the FIRST, LAST,
BEFORE and AFTER statement.

I might be nice to have a similar PROC for other OSes that process
file directory tree style aggregate storage locations.  But maybe that
is a different subject.

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to make the program more dynamic and send a list of all Mainframe datasets
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I have tried a few aproaches that I found on here using PROC IDCAMS but
each time it seams to keep running and never ending.  The directory
(Mainframe account) that I am trying to get a file list for testing
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111390                   122

206200                      1

206201                      4

206204                   290

206205                 7023

206212                   697


Code so far:


data _null_;

  set CNPA;

  file outfile encoding=3D"utf-8";

  Code =3D trim(NPA) || trim(Prefix);

  if _N_ =3D 1 then do;

    put #1 ' ';

    put #2 Code TNCount;


  else put Code TNCount;




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