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Link to discussion board in Topics subarea into Home page

Postby ziyi » Thu, 02 Dec 2004 18:21:05 GMT

Hi all,

I have a discussion board in one of the subareas in the Topics area
which i wish to display on the Home page itself.

For example, the discussion board is in Topics -> Staff Discussion
I wish to link the above discussion board in Home so that users can
see the discussion threads in Topics -> Staff Discussion.

Is there any way which I can achieve the above? 

Thanks in advance!

~ Ziyi

RE: Link to discussion board in Topics subarea into Home page

Postby TXVlbGxlcg » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 06:25:15 GMT

You can use data views in FrontPage to accomplish this.

Open FrontPage connect to the Area where you want to put the data, Select 
Insert Data View, Manage Catalog, Add the Catalog address from the site where 
you'll be getting the data from, Select the Discussion Board, Select which 
fields of data/sort/and display you would like then save the page.

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