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  • 1. Search Shows EVERYTHING
    I have Portal 2003 and WSS v 2.0 on the same box. SQL is on another box. Many sites do not allow people to just connect. They are locked down. But using the search feature in portal pretty much shows it all. So you could be a user who has no access to a site. But by using Search, you can see the documentation. Is this something by default? Or is it just not true. I'm logging in as the full admin. So many my search results are different from the user who should have no access.
  • 2. Dead SharePoinr 2003 Server
    I am need of some assistance. I had a SharePoint 2003 running and have had a hardware failure. It was using SQl 2000 on a different Server, so I have all of the Data. I have built the new Server on 2K3 and have started the Instal of SharePoint. How can I point the new server at the old DB and get back up and running as quickly as possible. TIA, Wes
  • 3. Cannot delete portal site
    I selected the "Manage Portal Site" which displays the Site Structure and went on to use the drop down list of the site name to be deleted. I selected "Delete" from the drop down list and the system hangs with the following message: "Please wait while your operation completes" The above operation never completes even after leaving it in this condition for 2 days. Can someone please help since I am totally lost? Thanks, Simon
  • 4. SahrePointPS Search service start error?
    Hello, I am getting an error in the event log that "SahrePointPS Search " cannot start because "A memeber could not be added to or removed from the localgroup because the local memberdoes not exist. " This happend after i abort an installation of FTP server thorugh the add/remove components of 'Windows 2003 Adcanced server'. Afterwards this porblem happend. I have created some local user with complete administrative rights to start the service, even after this, it didn't start. Ho can i fix this problem? Aaabs

Home - Topics

Postby Vinz » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 00:15:19 GMT

Hello all,

Out of the box portal lists the topics on the left side. After deleting the
topics area it shows HOME etc. After creating a subarea based on the topics
template it still shows HOME etc. and not the topics...

Could anybody explain to me how to make portal show the topics there again,
just as it was out of the box?

Thanks for reading sofar,


Re: Home - Topics

Postby Nick Yeoman » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 00:31:45 GMT

I was told to never delete the portal topics.  I hide our topics
because I don't think you can get them back.

Is this true or are the topics just difficult to get back?

Re: Home - Topics

Postby Nick Yeoman » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 03:25:03 GMT

Is there anything special about topics? what is the difference between
topics and a Subarea?

Can you create a subarea and call it topics? or is the original topics
different in some way?

RE: Home - Topics

Postby Um9iaW4gTQ » Thu, 09 Jun 2005 23:26:14 GMT

Daniel McPherson's blog has the info you need for this: 

Basically there's no easy way to get the Topics Area back, but you can at 
least modify the Category Navigation part on the portal home page.

Hope this helps.

Re: Home - Topics

Postby Nick Yeoman » Fri, 10 Jun 2005 00:46:51 GMT

Oh ok I see, yea I just hide the topics area but i guess you could also
allow only admin access.  Thats a good blog, thanks Robin and thanks
Daniel McPherson.

Re: Home - Topics

Postby Vinz » Fri, 10 Jun 2005 16:26:23 GMT

Thanks for pointing us there mate. On a server with 2 portals however I made
the modifications it tells us about and used the ID of an area from my
portal running on port 81.

After this, no links at all are shows in the left-side menu.

So I thought I'd try with an area from the portal running on port 80 but
when I create a sub-site there it doesn't get an ID but it seems to be
created in a folder...

Any ideas about what's going on?




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