SPS 2001 Folder Security ACL Stops Responding



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SPS 2001 Folder Security ACL Stops Responding

Postby Q2hyaXMgRnJvaGxpY2g » Fri, 18 Mar 2005 03:51:02 GMT

When I try to view the ACL on a document folder in Sharepoint Portal Server 
via a network place, the security pane stops responding for minutes at a 
time.  If I leave it for up to 10 min, it will often display, but this is 
rapidly becoming a major problem.

I should note: 

1. The network place is pointed at http://COMPUTERNAME/WorkspaceNAme 
(Essentially at the default website of the box, so host headers, and bound 
IP addresses are not at play here)

2.  I've tried to access the folder security from the portal server itself, 
from several other servers, and from a workstation on our network with the 
same results.

3. OCCAISIONALLY, I can access the ACL with no problem, but I've not been 
able to determine any specific trend to it.  

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  I've already opened a case 
with Microsoft support, but have not gotten any good answers after 2 days and 
figured I'd try here.  

Thanks in advance,


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