HELP!!!!! User management



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    I am not 100% but I think the forthcoming (or already released) SPS 2003 Resource Kit has examples in both languages. See if you can find a copy in your local bookstore and double check. -- Gary A. Bushey SPS MVP XXXX@XXXXX.COM "Mark Parter" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > I've spent the last 3 years of my life, developing an ASP based Portal for the college I work for. We've now decided that .NET is the way forward and after evaluting our options, we've decided that rather than migrate our current Portal over to ASP.NET, we'll implement SPPS 2003. > > I've "played" with it for the past few weeks and it covers most of the functionality of ou current Portal. For the parts it doesn't, I'd like to create Web Parts, but I can't find a decent tutorial, in VB.NET. Every tutorial I find is done in C# !!

HELP!!!!! User management

Postby lectric » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 21:43:04 GMT


I'm busy creating a sharepoint site with several subsites beneath it. All 
those subsites have unique permissions.
What I want to do is to create one webbased user management tool for all 
those sites (homesite incl the subsites) so that my client easily can 
add/remove/edit users.
Should I create a webpart and put it on a aspx page that only administrators 
can access or should I create this management tool on a seperate virtual 
server or should I have it running outside the sharepoint environment.
The users should also be added to AD in their own groups.
How do I start? Please any help is welcome 

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1.HELP: SharePoint (and WSS) users management in a multiple W2000 forest environnment

 It sounds like OSPS2003 (and WSS) has a problem to retrieve AD users'
profile when they are defined in a separate Windows2000 forest.
1- In a classical situation, when both the OSPS2003 farm and the users are
defined in the same forest :
When you want to invite a user to a Doc. lib. or a WSS site, you may either
give either his Windows  account or his Email address.
On the server site, WSS (or OSPS2003) queries the Active Directory (or
Global Catalog ?) to retrieve the user's profile (Email address, Display
name and SAM account name).

2- In a scenario where the OSPS2003 farm and users are in a separate forest.

2.a) If the user to invite is specified with his Windows account (i.e.
Domaina\usera), OSPS2003 (same for WSS) retrieves the user's profile
correctly (Email, Sam account and Display name).
This is the expected behavior.

 2.b) If the user to invite is specified using his Email Address (I.e.
 XXXX@XXXXX.COM ), OSPS2003 is unable to retrieve the user's profile
(SAM account name and display name are not retrieved).
I guess the problem is related to the way OSPS2003 (or WSS) resolves the
user's Email address.

- Does it search only the forest it is installed in ?

- Is there a way to make it know it has to search users across forests ?

- How could it knows the Active Directory (or Global Catalog) to query ?
Would it use the domain name of the Email address to query the corresponding
Windows200 domain (or Global Catalog).

I know OSPS2003 allows to search several LPDAP directories but this is only
valid to manage  audiences. This audience database does not seem to be used
when users are added to a doc. lib or a site.

Thank you for help.
Thierry Masson

2.User Profile Management by User (WSS 3.0)

Hello everybody,

I'm looking to complete a largely successful SharePoint Services
installation (details at the end of the email), and I'm hoping that
somebody might be able to help with a few straggling issues.

I'm separating things into three posts in hopes it will increase
clarity.  This is the second of the three.

QUESTION: How can users be configured to edit their own properties?

I freely admit that this is a result of a highly custom configuration
generating non-desirable results; however, I have a SharePoint
services install tied to Windows Authentication (NTLM) where only
users in a custom administrative role can edit their own settings.
(All roles in use are custom generated.)

Everybody else can see their own profile, but cannot update their
name, email, etc. (though they can view their own Alerts).

My suspicion is that I need to associate my custom roles with the
default SharePoint roles, which are not affecting active users at this

Currently the roles have Read-Only access to the majority of the site
collection, with Contribute enabled solely for a Forum.

I'd figure elevating privelege for the user profile area should
resolve this, but can't seem to sort out how I would do this.

(Based on the nature of the issue, it's clear this isn't a widespread
issue, and it has simply been something I can't pin down.)

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


--[ Scenario Details ]--

Configuration Details:
- Windows Users batch generated and assigned to Windows Groups
- SharePoint Groups created to match Windows Groups
- Added Windows Groups as users to SharePoint Groups

In a nutshell, this allows an imperfect, but functional login
mechanism for Windows users to gain entry to SharePoint at appropriate
level.  SharePoint creates users in UserInfo table on login, though
SharePoint can't see them until they are explicitly added later.

Technical Details:
- WSS 3.0
- Windows Server 2003 (pre-R2)
- SQL Server 2000 SP4
- Windows Authentication (NTLM)
- No Active Directory

3.Need Help with Alerts Management

I'm setting up a new site. I'm assuming that SMTP configuration is correct 
since welcome emails are going out when I add users to the site.

Today we started to investigate the Alerts mechanism. I set up an alert for 
a particular user, uploaded some new documents, but the user never received 
the alert.

In the Manage Alerts Setting page I can see two mail messages (as expected) 
waiting in the queue. How can I diagnose what's holding these alerts from 
going out? The only option I can see on this page is to

Delete all Alerts and Alert Results
Delete all Alert Results and eMail Messages

Is there no way to do this selectively?

OK, so now I go to View User Profiles (I'm an Admin so I assume I can do 
pretty much anything I need to). Under the user menu I see again, two 

Deactivate Alerts
Delete Alerts

But what if I want to selectively delete / deactivate a specific Alert? How 
do I (or the specific user) do that without deleting / deactivating 

Thanks for your help!

Joe Geretz

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system.  Briefly, the client rents out devices to clients who take out
contracts and pay monthly rental on the devices.  The system must
capture information about Contracts, Contract Lines, Devices, Device
Types and Device Packages (in other words a way of storing the monthly
rental cost of a device per contract term).

The system should also be capable of generating invoices, statements
and other management reports.

Ordinarily my inclination would be to go for ASP.NET on a SQL Server
database, but the clients have asked if this can be done using

I've no experience of SharePoint development (we use it for our
document control system, but it's a more or less vanilla installation
and I had nothing to do with configuring it).

Is there any sense in this approach?  Or is it a square peg/round hole



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