Sharing the contact list in Outlook among the workgroup



  • 1. Outlook could not logon to the outgoing mail server - Exchange server
    Hello everybody, I am having a rather annoying problem with Outlook 2003 connecting to Exchange running as a part of the SBS 2003. When I click the "Test Settings" button in the Outlook account properties I get: "Send test e-mail message: Outlook could not logon to the outgoing mail server (SMTP). The problem could be the server name, your server may require authentication, or your server may not support SSL. Verify authentication and SSL options under More Settings." The interesting thing is that i was able to set it to work via the Outlook Express on the SBS server box but it does not work from outside of the LAN. AS far as the firewall it does forward ports 25 and 110 to the Exchange server. Also, all of the tasks get Completed mark when testing the Account Settings accept Log onto incoming mail server and Send test e-mail message - this one fails. Please any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you Igor
  • 2. mail delivery slow to 1 client
    Hi running sbs 2003 & mail through exchange eveything was working ok until we changed one client computer, now the email to this client has about a 20 minute delay on it. this new pc is running Win XP Pro sp2 all others are running Win 2000 professional. when mail is sent internally everyone recieves it instantly except for this newly added pc. Any ideas? Thanks Andrew
  • 3. MS recommended change for DNS & DHCP running on 1 server needs und
    About 6 months I was receiving a recommendation from my SBS 2003 R1 via Microsoft that if I was running DNS and DHCP on the same server I should implement. It had something to do with not allowing one of the services to have write/change access to the other's tables/database? I followed the instructions and implemented the change. About a month later I started having a very untracable and random issue with the print spoller (it locks up at random times on all the XP Pro workstations and usually a stop and restart will solve the problem for a few days then its back). I think I've traced it back to this change and have partially found what was done but don't have all the information as to what was done and how to undo it. What I've found is a Power User account that was created called DHCP Service but I don't know where it is assigned rights and what rights it's assgined or denied. I've search all of MS KB, Tech Web and Knowledge based for the issue to no avail. Does anyone have any information regarding this issue and how it can be undone? Any assistance would be appreciated. If I don't solve soon, I'll be rebuilding the server from scratch and that's a day project I don't look forward to. Thanks

Sharing the contact list in Outlook among the workgroup

Postby Joel » Sun, 23 May 2004 01:15:42 GMT

We are trying to determine if Win 2003 and Exchange will 
allow us to permit all users in this small network to 
completely share the contact list or will MS Outlook do 
it as well?

Re: Sharing the contact list in Outlook among the workgroup

Postby SuperGumby [SBS MVP] » Sun, 23 May 2004 08:37:56 GMT

 http://www.**--****.com/ +share+contact&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&meta=

gives me links to various methods of sharing contacts directly in outlook
including  http://www.**--****.com/ 

but if you have Exchange already, or have other reasons to implement SBS but
haven't yet done so, yes, Exchange users would normally use a 'Publc Folder'
to achieve this task.

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