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  • 1. [SMS2k3] - Abs Paths in Programs
    Is it safe to specify absolute paths in programs? I am trying to run an uninstall for specific malware throughout our enterprise, and it always installs into the same place (Program Files dir) I tried a package that has "%programfiles%\directory\unwise.exe /a /z" as the command line, but i received messages like this: An error occurred while preparing to run the program for advertisement "60620035" ("60600021" - "PrecisionTime Uninst"). The operating system reported error 2147942402: The system cannot find the file specified. Additional program properties: Command line: "%programfiles%\PrecisionTime\UNWISE.EXE /a /z" Working directory: Drive letter (? = any): Possible cause: This message most commonly occurs when the program's command-line executable file could not be found, when a required drive letter connection to a distribution point could not be established, or when the program is configured to use the SMS Software Installation Account but the account is not specified, could not be found, or does not have the appropriate permissions. Solution: Check each of the items listed above. Bah! Now I see that using an absolute path is not working either, same message as above but with c:\program files instead of %programfiles% Help Please. --Geoff
  • 2. Client not able to install package
    Dave, Please make sure that the client is not in remote boundaries. Can you open the Advertisement property page > advanced tab and make sure that you have not choosen do not run when in remote boundaries? Thanks Sathish This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. "Dave" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > I'm trying to distribute software to one test machine (win2ksp4) and I keep getting the error message "the contents for this package cannot be located". The package has been distributed to the dp's, and I can connect to them from the client machine using unc, but SMS doesn't see the content of the package. Here is one error message from the execmgr.log on the failing client > > ContentAvailable ignoring update with no DPs for content request ID > another error message > OnCheckContentAvailabilityResult Content not available. > > As you can see both say the content is not available, but it has been distributed.
  • 3. Client cache folder
    Using SMS 2003 Advanced Client, how do I set the interval to clear the client cache folder. Specificaly as the cache folder reaches its max capacity on the client, other then increasing the cache folder size, How do I allow new advertisements to overright the cache folder?
  • 4. Software REdeployments
    I'm relatively new to SMS, and I was told that if you create a package, distribute it, and then try to redistribute it again to the same workstation it won't work because it was sent once already. I'm testing 24 packages, and running into various problems and need to test the package to the same desktop without recreating the packages every time. Is there a way to get around this? I cannot find any information regarding this "feature" Thanks!


Postby U2hyaW1wQm95 » Sat, 27 May 2006 00:03:01 GMT


I created a Class to connect and create a new SMS Adverti{*filter*}t...

Got GENERIC FAILURE error when running Adverti{*filter*}t.Put_


I'm really disapointed since I used to code provided by Microsoft on this page

I really hope to find a solution as soon as possible!



So here is my code...

Imports WbemScripting

Public Class ClsSMSQM

Private Const STORAGE_NO_SOURC = 1
Private Const STORAGE_DIRECT = 2
Private Const STORAGE_COMPRESS = 3

Private Const TYPE_PACKAGE = 2
Private Const TYPE_ADVERTI{*filter*}T = 3
Private Const TYPE_QUERY = 7
Private Const TYPE_REPORT = 8

Private Locator As SWbemLocator
Private Server As SWbemServices

Public Event SMSQMError(ByVal Message As String, ByVal Exception As
Public Event SMSServerConnected()

Public Sub Connect(ByVal SMSServer As String)


Locator = New SWbemLocator
Server = Locator.ConnectServer(SMSServer, "root\sms")

Catch ex As Exception

RaiseEvent SMSQMError("Unable to connect to specified SMS
Server!", ex)
Exit Sub

End Try

Dim Sites As SWbemObjectSet
Dim Site As SWbemObject
Dim SiteCode As String


Sites = Server.ExecQuery("Select SiteCode From
SMS_ProviderLocation Where ProviderForLocalSite=True")

For Each Site In Sites
SiteCode = Site.SiteCode
'Exit For

Server = Locator.ConnectServer(SMSServer, "root\sms\site_" &

Catch ex As Exception

RaiseEvent SMSQMError("Unable to connect to specified SMS Server
Main Site!", ex)
Sites = Nothing
Site = Nothing
SiteCode = Nothing
Exit Sub
End Try

Sites = Nothing
Site = Nothing
SiteCode = Nothing

RaiseEvent SMSServerConnected()

End Sub

Public Function NewAdverti{*filter*}t(ByVal Name As String, ByVal
CollectionID As String, ByVal PackageID As String, ByVal ProgramName As
String, Optional ByVal Comment As String = "Created with SMSQM by Frederick
St-Gelais", Optional ByVal ContainerID As Integer = 0) As Boolean

Dim Adverti{*filter*}ts As SWbemObjectSet
Dim Adverti{*filter*}t As SWbemObject


Adverti{*filter*}ts = Server.ExecQuery("Select ProgramName From
SMS_Program Where ProgramName='" & Name & "' And PackageID='" & PackageID &

Dim Exception As Exception

For Each Adverti{*filter*}t In Adverti{*filter*}ts
RaiseEvent SMSQMError("A SMS Adverti{*filter*}t with the
specified name already exists!", Exception)
Adverti{*filter*}ts = Nothing
Adverti{*filter*}t = Nothing
Exit Function

Catch ex As Exception

RaiseEvent SMSQMError("Unable to check if a SMS Adverti{*filter*}t
with the specified name already exists!", ex)
Adverti{*filter*}ts = Nothing
Adverti{*filter*}t = Nothing
Exit Function

End Try

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