• 1. Change ReportServer database
    We have installed Reporting Services on a new server using the local database. Now we want to point to a ReportServer database on another database server. How can we change the server used for the ReportServer database to point to a different server? Thanks -- Rick
  • 2. how to restrict SQL running thread
    Hi, We have a big report running on SQLRS2000+SP2. The report has multiple datasets and queries. When report starts running, the database server it connects to run query and pull data will start 33 threads and immediately reach 100% CPU usage for all 8 CPUs. Databases is over 1TB and sets on EMC SAN. There is no blocking during report generation. There is no sub-report, so I assume there is only one DB connection. We are wondering is it possible to restrict the number of threads instantiated or is it possible to serialize the report generation, only run 1 thread at a time. Please help. Jason
  • 3. reporting services as part of a custom product/solution
    can reporting services be integrated in a third party solutions's reports? what is required for a third party solution in the parts of installation (setup) and other run-time requirements in order for reporting services to work seemlessly as part of a custom solution? (IIS virtual directories etc...) what are licensing issues? does SQL 2000 licence on the customer server machine is enough? TIA!
  • 4. Line break after group
    I need to insert a line break in a detail row after certains groups of data. example: Week Day Detail 1 Mon 1 1 Tue 1 1 Wed 2 1 Thu 2 1 Fri 1 2 Mon 1 2 Tue 1 2 Wed 2 2 Thu 2 2 Fri 1 I need it to have a line break after week 1, 2, etc. Also, the detail column has aggregates, runningvalues etc. There can't be a runningvalue on the line break. I want the data to look like this: Week Day Detail 1 Mon 1 1 Tue 1 1 Wed 2 1 Thu 2 1 Fri 1 2 Mon 1 2 Tue 1 2 Wed 2 2 Thu 2 2 Fri 1


Postby Todd Ouimet » Sun, 29 May 2005 04:39:59 GMT

I'm having problems with SQL Reporting Services and using a SSL that I
created from an internal CA as indcated in KB823177.  The internal CA exists
on the same server as the SQL Reporting Services.  I created a certificate
with a common name of server.domain.local and installed to IIS.  When I try
to logon remotely or locally using (https://server.domain.local/reports) on
the SQL server I get the following error message even though I've add the CA
Cert to the Trusted Root CA:

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

The KB article talks about a workaround using VB .Net or C# .Net.  I not a
programmer so I don't know how to try that work around.

Oh, by the way as soon as I take the SSL cert off everything works fine.

Can someone please help!!

Todd Ouimet



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