Multidimensional sets


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  • 1. Visual Studio - Report Builder - Sorting based on ASCII not on the REsult Set
    Hello, I am creating a report with VS, I provide it with a query that is sorted. When the report is previewed it is in the wrong sort order. Example: first column is Month-YYYY and is a colapsable column and underneath it is all the dates belonging to the Month-YYYY. The report previewer displays the data as July-2005 ..... < date detail> June-2005 May-2005 Oct-2005 it should be: May-2005 June-2005 Jul-2005 Oct-2005 It seems the report builder is not grouping the data base on the result set, but rather re-sorting. Any solutions to this problem? Thanks in advance!
  • 2. QTD Funtion --Specific intersection
    Hi: I have a little problem with the QTD function. How can I specific a intersection's measure E.g. I need to find the QTD unit for apple I use this MDX express and it does not like it sum(QTD([Time].currentmember), [Product].&[Apple],[Measures].[Units]) Please help Thanks Arale
  • 3. KPIs and Averages
    Hello, Currently I am pulling my hairout trying to write some KPIs for AS 2k5. What I am trying to do is return an average against a measure for the last 7 days and 56 days respectively. Firstly, I trying completing the tasking with the following MDX & then using a Calculated Member. I was using the below MDX expression (which changes appropriately) & filtering by the current date: Avg ( [Date].[CalendarDate].CurrentMember.Lag(56) : [Date].[CalendarDate].CurrentMember, [Measures].[Withdraw Txns] ) I have also tried executing the TAIL function on the appropriate data ... alas, no love. Unfortunately, the KPI engine decides to sum the set of data it recieves, which royally buggers me. Basically, does anyone know how to create a KPI that will always return an average of last 7 days from the current day (so the user doesnt always have to filter the data). This is killing me so any help is most gratefully accepted. Regards, James Kent
  • 4. OleDbException... Connection to the server is lost.
    All, I have Win XP and using Analysis Services 2000 on it. I am stucked in a strange problem. I can process cubes successfully. Also, I can fire queries through MDX sample application successfully. But when I try to fire the same query through my ASP.NET client, I get the the following exception: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException Message: Formula member name [Time].[Range] is not valid. Connection to the server is lost Source: MicrosoftOLE DB Provider for Analysis Services. Same code when I run on a win 2000 machine, everything works fine. I am using Anonymous Authentication method, giving the domain user name and password. The same user is the member of the OLAP Administrators group also. Help is required urgently! Thanks in advance! Sheetal :-(
  • 5. Error calculating averages...
    Hi, I have a cube that shows several averages of ~ 15, even though the highest possible rating is 7. This either is clearly a bug or there is a problem with my calculation. Here is the calculation: [Measures].[Rating]/[Measures].[Count Column] [Count Column] always equals 1. TIA, Mike

Multidimensional sets

Postby 9fingers » Sat, 17 Nov 2007 01:09:41 GMT

I created a multi-dimensional set in SSAS 2005, but after I deploy and
reconnect to the browser, I don't see the named set in the tree. If I
create a set on only one dimension, I see the named set within that

Is there some way to see the multi-dimensional set in the tree?



Re: Multidimensional sets

Postby 9fingers » Sat, 17 Nov 2007 01:22:30 GMT

I went into the management studio and was able to write an MDX select
query that worked, with the named set, so I know it's constructed ok.
I just cant see it in the tree on the browser tab of the cube in
Visual Studio.

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Hi all,

I have a little design question that is bothering me seriously :

consider having a retail organisation purchasing a lot of goods. Each
article is ordered on one line on an order and each article has a
certain status attached to it. The status described the importance of
the article for the retailer.

The purpose of the cube is to ratethe vendor on his delivery
performance based on a couple of criteria. One criteria is to check
whether the quantity order is in accordance to the quantity delivered
which is fairly easy on line basis. The second criteria is somewhat
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I want to display the percentage of deliveries that are completely
ok : so no errors on no lines. In addition I want to see this
percentage according to a couple "bys" (dimension) like the status. If
all order lines of articles with a status "A" on an order are ok the
order is ok even if a line withe a "B" article is not ok. Taking only
the "B" articles would render this order not ok. Of course I want to
see the % for each supplier etc.

Does anyone have a clou how to do this in SQL AS2000?

For example

order    line   art    status   ordered   delivered
1          1      111   A          1           1              => ok
1           2     112   B          1            0             => nok
2          1       113  A          5            5             => ok

This would give the supplier a rating of 100% if we consider the
status A articles and 0% if we consider then B articles. On a line
basis he would get 66%

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