how can i add measures and dimensions of a cube of SQL Server's Analysis services 2005 in a DataTable in .NET


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  • 1. How much free space is required in tempDB?
    I have a Cube with 30 Dimension and it can grow to 75 or more. Last night i tired to process the cube and in storage wizard it had 656 aggregation and 15% performance but It gave to error of tempdb is full and tempdb grew from 8 MB to 25GB and I had just 25GB free space. So I am not sure how much space is required for temdb to grow? Is 100GB or what? If I need 100 GB space is there way to avoid it? Thanks Sameer
  • 2. How to allow normal user (not Administrator) deployment of SSAS Cube?
    Hello, how to allow normal user (not Administrator) deployment of SSAS Cube? It says always that normal user cannot create new objects. Andrey.
  • 3. Incremental Process - why do Dim updates query entire table?
    I am using AS2000 with SP4. I have a cube which has been fully processed. I got the Max(ID) = 27199456 from the fact table and then executed a manual incremental process, giving "ID > 28000000" as the filter expression. This filter excudes all rows, but I was surprised to see that the queries to update the private dimensions did NOT use the filter. So even though there was nothing to be done, the processing still took a couple of minutes. Why don't the dim updates use the filter expression? So now I am considering complicating my DTS further by adding a SQL task to retrieve the Max(ID) from the fact table and comparing to the Max ID of records processed into the cube (stored in SQL after previous processing). If the IDs are the same (i.e. no new events) then completely skip the cube processing task. That should save me those 2 minutes. Is there an easier way? LMcPhee
  • 4. characters in Calculated Members
    Hi Folks, i must display a text information as a measure - i do this via a Member Property iif( [IRISBAU] = "ActualPhase", [IRISBAU]"Freecomment"), "") This works fine, but: The Calculated Member displays only the first 255 Characters form the Member Property..... if i check via a second calculated Member with this Function: Right([Measures].[New Calculated Member 2], 250) ic cann see, that all Characters ar in the calculated member - it is also only a problem to display more than 255 Characters..... Does anybody know a way to format (or anything else) a calculated member to display more than 255 Characters...... THX a lot Dietmar

how can i add measures and dimensions of a cube of SQL Server's Analysis services 2005 in a DataTable in .NET

Postby nikky » Thu, 07 Feb 2008 16:06:03 GMT


             I want to know that can i add measures and dimension of a
cube to a DataTable through .NET.the connection is made to  OLAP
AnalysisService 2005.And if i can add then how to add it.

Re: how can i add measures and dimensions of a cube of SQL Server's Analysis services 2005 in a DataTable in .NET

Postby Elad » Thu, 28 Feb 2008 04:49:02 GMT

You can use either AdoMd.Net (AdoMdConnection.GetSchemaDataSet) or OleDb 

AdoMd.NET can be downloaded at:


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Same thing can be acheived by below SQL Script.

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"Provider=SQLNCLI.1;Data Source=HAUPTPC;Integrated
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