cube write back (committing)


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  • 1. duplicate dimensions
    Hi, I'm a MDX newbie, but I'd appreciate some help. Here's my basic query, SELECT [Source].[Vch Source].members ON ROWS, [month].members ON COLUMNS FROM [Sessions] WHERE ([Source Type].[x Source Type].[Search Engine], [year].[2003]) but it gives me. duplicate dimensions across (independent) axes - when calculating a query axis Do I have to create another time dimension on my cube, or is there a way to just limit the year in MDX. Thanks for you assistance. Ephraim.
  • 2. OLE error 800A00CE
    Hi. What does this error mean? I started to receive it a couple of days ago while I am trying to incrementally build some cube using my own application through DSO. The few other cubes are successfully updated using the same routine as problematic one. Moreover, the routine works well for a couple of years - only one is changed is database grow up a bit. The query used to build an incremental partitition returns result immediately - the whole recordset is returned in a couple of seconds. And I am able to incrementally update this cube using MMC... but could not do it using my own application. Can anybody help me?
  • 3. AS2000: important questions
    Hi guys! First of all: I from Austria so excuse my bad english! I still workin on an OLAP project since 3 month! During this time I found some important questions but no answers. These are as follows: 1. In the Dimension-Editor the property "member count" is only set during the creation of the dimension and not during the preparing-process (is this the english expression?) What for do I need this property? Only for erstimation-values during the preparing-process? 2. Is there a way to pass over "ring-connections" in the cube-editor? 3. How can I include one dimension two times in a cube connected to different forein keys in the fact-table? 4. I have only one Cube with a lot of dimensions. Is it better to make this dimenions private or public? 5. When du the creation of the aggregations occur? During the memory-administration (in german "Speicheraufbereitung") or during the preparation of the cube? The second one I guess!? 6. I have to do the memory-administration only one time! Is this correct? 7. The database for the dimension is growing every time and the preparation works automatically. What happens when member-count exceed the limit of 64000 members? thx in advance!! D. terreicher
    Please use the english language to communicate, since many people probably do not understand turkish - if it is turkish - including me. Lutz
  • 5. Transfer Techniques.
    When I am transferring lets say a 'Product Class' table from the production servers to the data warehouse. is it better practice to always delete the current product classes in the table and then re add the ones from production servers? Or, would it be better to look for the changes between production and data warehouse and only add or update those that need to be? It seems that it is easier to just delete all the records in Product Class and then re-add but what about over all efficiency of the SQL server pertaining particularly to storage abilities. (Page splits, heaps and stuff like that). Since product class generally seems to be a small table would you use the same method for say a customer table which for us contains upwards of 7000 records. To me, it just seems to delete and re-add these on a nightly basis would almost cause SQL fragmentation if you will. Any thoughts on this. -mike

cube write back (committing)

Postby QXZp » Wed, 13 Sep 2006 07:03:03 GMT

Is there a limitation on AS2K cube write backs if the connection is over 

If not, does anyone have any tips for getting it to work?

Using Proclarity Desktop 5.3 or 6.1
Cube Server: Win 2003, AS2K 32 bit, SP4 w/ SQL Server 2000 SP4 DB.
User has full read access to the cube. Cell security shows unrestricted read 
and write.


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