How to script a cube to move it from Development to Production


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  • 1. Displaying Images in OLAP Cube
    I'm somewhat new to SQL Analysis and setting up cube analysis from various SQL data tables. My client is interested in being to display a graphic image in the cube answer rows as the various dimensions change. In other words, as you add or change various dimensions in the cube, the resulting display would not only display an Item Number, or an Item Description, but a graphic of the product itself. This image could either be a field in the SQL data table itself, like a BLOB ield, or it could contain a path name to a directory where the image is stored. Do you know if the SQL OLAP Analysis could do this, or perhaps any 3rd party products that do? Much thanks, Bill R. Rosman Computing Chicago, IL
  • 2. Calculated Members, Hierarchies... lost
    My apologies, I'm new to OLAP and have a problem I can't seem to figure out and was hoping someone can help. My scenario is simple. I have a parent-child hierarchy dimension that is referenced in a MS 2008 cube. I only enter values in the cube matching the lowest level hierarchy items or possibly the next level up. I believe I created the calculated members correctly since I can view the values rolled up in SS Management Studio by browsing the cube and dragging the hierarchy dimension over. The problem I have is I want to show, from specific node (top perhaps) and the next n levels down, the calculated cube values and the entries in the hierarchy that correspond to them. I tried using descendants but all I get is the top node and where I expected values rolled up in some nodes I see null's. Here's how I query for 5 levels down starting at the top. SELECT Measures.[TestValue] ON 0, Descendants( [Hier].[ItemName].[All], 5, SELF_AND_BEFORE ) ON 1 FROM [TestCube] If I go far enough down in the tree or I wrap descendants in NonEmpty I see the top "All" node and my two test values from the cube. I use a calculated member along with a custom member column in my hierarchy and like I mentioned it seems to work if manually browsing with SSMS. Any help would be appreciated as I'm lost on this. Thank you.
  • 3. Wrong calculation of defined members with divisions
    Hi there, to make it simple I have a member [DIM1].[xy] as [DIM1].[x] / [DIM1].[y] and another member [Measures].[QtD] as ({[TIM1].CurrentMember.lag(2): [TIM1].CurrentMember},[Measeures].[Value]) Unfortuantely I habe no time-Dimension so that I have to calculate QtD as a defined member (it's much more complex). Now I put [Measures].[QtD] to columns and [DIM1].[xy] to rows. I'd like MDX to calculate ([DIM1].[x],({[TIM1].CurrentMember.lag(2):[TIM1].CurrentMember}, [Measeures].[Value])) / ([DIM1].[y],({[TIM1].CurrentMember.lag(2):[TIM1].CurrentMember}, [Measeures].[Value])) but MDX calculates ([DIM1].[x],([TIM1].CurrentMember.lag(2),[Measeures].[Value])) / ([DIM1].[y],([TIM1].CurrentMember.lag(2),[Measeures].[Value])) + ([DIM1].[x],([TIM1].CurrentMember.lag(1),[Measeures].[Value])) / ([DIM1].[y],([TIM1].CurrentMember.lag(1),[Measeures].[Value])) + ([DIM1].[x],([TIM1].CurrentMember,[Measeures].[Value])) / ([DIM1].[y], ([TIM1].CurrentMember,[Measeures].[Value])) which is wrong. I played with solve_order but nothing changed. How can I tell MDX to calculate the other way? Cheers Matthias

How to script a cube to move it from Development to Production

Postby karenmiddleol » Thu, 18 Aug 2005 22:06:14 GMT

I have one cube in Development AS instance and I want to migrate it to
the production AS instance.

Unfortunately, the two databases are not the same I want to only move
the cube from Development to production.

Is there a scripting tool that can gather the DDL for the cube,
calculated measures so I can recreate this in the production AS

I cannot find anything useful out there to help in the migration.

Please help


RE: How to script a cube to move it from Development to Production

Postby QnJpYW4gQWx0bWFubg » Fri, 19 Aug 2005 00:37:57 GMT

Try the DSO-XML conversion utility:



Re: How to script a cube to move it from Development to Production

Postby Dave Wickert [MSFT] » Fri, 19 Aug 2005 05:33:37 GMT

There is an extensive discusson of this topic in the AS Operations Guide:
under the topic Release Management.
Dave Wickert [MSFT]
Program Manager
BI Systems Team
SQL BI Product Unit (Analysis Services)

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