Please help to create Calculated members


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Please help to create Calculated members

Postby Sam » Fri, 15 Sep 2006 01:55:51 GMT

	     ----2nd Half
                     ----I need to create a calculated member under
2005 which is Avg of 1st & 2nd Half

Year ---2006--- Same thing

I have a Time dimension and we have 2001-2006 years and the way we
calucaluted FY scores is 1st and 2nd Half average

Thanks in advance

Re: Please help to create Calculated members

Postby ZULFIQAR SYED » Fri, 15 Sep 2006 13:53:52 GMT

Hi Sam,

Try using Avg function on currentmember.parent.children as follows. I
tested this sample code against ss2k5 adventure works olap database.

with member measures.x as


	[Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount]
[Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount]
on 1,
[Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Semester].&[2002]&[1]
,[Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Semester].&[2002]&[2]
,[Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Semester].&[2003]&[1]
,[Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Semester].&[2003]&[2]
} on 0
[Adventure Works]





Re: Please help to create Calculated members

Postby Sam » Sat, 16 Sep 2006 00:44:17 GMT


But I am using pivot table to access the cube. So I need to implement
the below logic in the calculated members for Time Dimension. So if
they pull TIME dimension they can see 3 children i.e.
-- 1st Half
-- 2nd Half
-- FY (Calculated mebers Avg of 1st and 2nd Half)

so we have around 15 measures so i client pull all the 15 measures then
it should take the avg of all the 15 measures.


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