This process option is not supported by the cube object


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  • 1. processing a cube using MDX
    Hi guys, Is it possible to process / reprocess a cube using an MDX query from the sample MDX application shipped with Analysis Services as opposed to having to use Analysis Manager and right clicking on the cube and manually processing / reprocessing the cube? Allen Firth XXXX@XXXXX.COM
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    Hi, I have a problem with designing the logical database model which afterwards will be use for OLAP. I have two tables: Patients(patient id(PK), age,....) and Surgery(patientid(FK),surgeryid(PK),attribute_1(bit),attribute_2(int), tribute_n(bit)). We have around 200 similar tables as Surgery. In each table there are between 1000 and 10000 records. I need following output: Count of patients having each attribute if it is bit or sum of atributes if it is INT. Alexandar Talev MCDBA,MCT
  • 3. Change server.
    Hi. I need to move olap database with repository in native format on sql server in from server1 to server2, How do I to do this ? Thanks in advance Simon
  • 4. Cube Processing after SP3a
    Hi all, I had a DTS package running as a scheduled job that processed some cubes. This was running fine until last friday when somebody applied SP3a to both the AS and the SQL server that it gets its data from. Previously both were running under SP2. Now the jobs never finish. They hang, and as I have to terminate the job manually the DTS log never gets written, so I do not know if it is one cube that is hanging, or if the problem is just SP3 related. Anyone have any similar experiences? The cubes are not particularly complex, ther are no very large dimensions, but a job that used to take roughly 4 hours now is still 'running' after 14 hours!!! Any pointers appreciated.

This process option is not supported by the cube object

Postby Otakar Venta » Fri, 21 May 2004 23:59:17 GMT


I have problem to processes any cube including sample cubes from FoodMart
I alway receive error This process option is not supported by the cube
I have W2K SP4, SQL Server and AS with SP3.

Thank You for your help!


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I have code that copies a cube and all its dimensions to a new cube ,
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then added to the analysis server, all using the interface provided by
DSO. The database is UPDATEd after adding the new cube. I also process
the cube programmatically after changing the name of the fact table to
one a new one in the join and from clauses of the cube. While
debugging, I have verified that the join clause and from clause
correctly have the new fact table name. The operation succeeds without
problems and the cube gets listed when I open Analysis Manager.
However, when I right-click on the cube and choose Edit, the editor
does not show any tables in the designer pane, as if no joins have
been specified. When I try to process the cube through the editor, I
get an error saying a dimension table has not been joined to the fact

Can someone suggest something I am leaving out? The original cube does
not have this problem, and the code that copies the cube is :

Public Function ProcessSelectedObjects(ByVal srcDB As String, ByVal
srcCube As String, ByVal destDB As String, ByVal destCube As String,
ByVal factTable As String) As Boolean

        On Error GoTo cmdConnectToServer_Click_Err

        dsoServer = New DSO.Server()
        Dim srcDsodb As DSO.MDStore
        Dim destDsodb As DSO.MDStore
        Dim dsoCube As DSO.MDStore
        Dim newDsoCube As DSO.MDStore
        Dim dsoDbDim As DSO.Dimension
        Dim dsoCubDim As DSO.Dimension
        Dim dsoRole As DSO.Role
        Dim tempRole As DSO.Role
        Dim dsoDestRole As DSO.Role
        factTable = """dbo""" & ".""" & factTable & """"

        Dim dsoLDS As DSO.DataSource
        Dim mes As Object
        Dim dims As DSO.Dimension

        Dim test As New System.Text.StringBuilder()

        'Connect to the local analysis server
        dsoServer.Name = System.Net.Dns.GetHostName()

        srcDsodb = dsoServer.MDStores.Item(srcDB)
        dsoCube = srcDsodb.MDStores.Item(srcCube)

        If (dsoServer.MDStores.Item(destDB) Is Nothing) Then
            'create a new db
            destDsodb = dsoServer.MDStores.AddNew(destDB)
        End If

        'add a new data db
        destDsodb = dsoServer.MDStores.Item(destDB)
        dsoLDS = destDsodb.DataSources.AddNew(destDB + " Data source")
        dsoLDS.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated
Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=" +
config.sqlsDBName + ";Data Source=" & dsoServer.Name

        'update the private dimension names
        For Each dims In srcDsodb.Dimensions
            'add dimensions
            If (dims.IsShared = False) Then
                test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(dims.Name)
                test.Replace(srcCube, destCube)
                dsoDbDim = destDsodb.Dimensions.AddNew(test.ToString)
                dsoDbDim = destDsodb.Dimensions.AddNew(dims.Name)
            End If
            dims.Clone(dsoDbDim, DSO.CloneOptions.cloneMinorChildren)
            dsoDbDim.DataSource = dsoLDS

        'add cube
        newDsoCube = destDsodb.MDStores.AddNew(destCube)
        dsoCube.Clone(newDsoCube, DSO.CloneOptions.cloneMinorChildren)

        'update the data sources of the newly added dimensions
        For Each dims In destDsodb.Dimensions
            dims.DataSource = dsoLDS

        'update the datasource of the cube

        For Each tempRole In newDsoCube.Roles
            'delete roles

        'remember the source fact table (only the fact table changes)
        Dim srcTab As String = New String(newDsoCube.SourceTable)

        For Each mes In newDsoCube.Measures
            test = New
            test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
            mes.SourceColumn = test.ToString

        test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(newDsoCube.SourceTableAlias)
        test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
        newDsoCube.SourceTableAlias = test.ToString

        test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(newDsoCube.SourceTable)
        test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
        newDsoCube.SourceTable = test.ToString

        test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(newDsoCube.DrillThroughColumns)
        test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
        newDsoCube.DrillThroughColumns = test.ToString

        test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(newDsoCube.DrillThroughFilter)
        test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
        newDsoCube.DrillThroughFilter = test.ToString

        test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(newDsoCube.DrillThroughFrom)
        test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
        newDsoCube.DrillThroughFrom = test.ToString

        test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(newDsoCube.DrillThroughJoins)
        test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
        newDsoCube.DrillThroughJoins = test.ToString

        test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(newDsoCube.FromClause)
        test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
        newDsoCube.FromClause = test.ToString

        test = New System.Text.StringBuilder(newDsoCube.JoinClause)
        test.Replace(srcTab, factTable)
        newDsoCube.JoinClause = test.ToString

        Trace.WriteLine("Finished selective processing")

        Return True

        Exit Function

        Trace.WriteLine("Failed Processing Cube: " & "Error " &
Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description)

        Return False

    End Function

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