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  • 1. Change in Dimension not reflected
    I am using excel to display data from an analysis services cube. One of the dimensions has a level with multiple properties. Changes in the properties are reflected in the excel when data is refreshe but when the level value changes, it does not get reflected in the excel. However, on browsing the dimension in the analysis manager, the changes are visible. Thanks in advance for all the help. Regards, Brijesh
  • 2. XMLA script generated in UNICODE but was not in a previous versio
    I have a process to deploy an olap cube database to customers where I generated an XMLA script by right clicking on the OLAP db in the object explorer and created XMLA file. I then have a routine that modified the connect string information in the XMLA script, saved it then executed it via an SSIS/DTS package from the command line. I made some changes to the OLAP cube db and had to re-generate the XMLA file from scratch. It seems it is now being saved with a double byte character set/UNICODE. This was not the case when I generated the previous XMLA script perhaps with the final CTP version of SQL Server 2005. Is this true and can I make it save the file without the double byte character set? I have found if I script it to the clip board, open notepad and paste it there it is fine, but I don't want to cut and paste everything! Thanks, Jason -- Jason
  • 3. Building Cubes from Teradata
    I am trying to connect to Teradata using a teradata odbc driver, so that I can build cubes off it. I have not been successful in doing so. Can anyone point me to the correct ODBC driver so that I can connect it to SQL 2000 on win 2003 Sp1. TIA, Shri


Postby TIZI » Fri, 25 Nov 2005 20:08:55 GMT

Help me!!!

In the cube dimensions box on the right hand side, it doesn't list the
current dimensions of the cube.

My dimensions are based on the same datasource as my cube...

This happens for all of the cubes of the same database....

In the other databases of the server it doesn't happen.

What can be happened???


...and sorry for my English

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