SQL 2000 Developer - Login Failed using SQLOLEDB, QA and EM have no problem connecting



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SQL 2000 Developer - Login Failed using SQLOLEDB, QA and EM have no problem connecting

Postby razorwings18 » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 07:37:51 GMT

Hi all,

I've installed the following on my staging server (pretty fresh
- Windows XP SP1
- SQL 2000 Developer Edition
- Uses TCP/IP in standard port and Named Pipes in standard folder.

Security is set to:
- Service account: System Account
- Authentication: SQL Server and Windows
- SA has a password assigned

I created the following database, with no tables (other than system,
of course) for login testing purposes:
- Database: MYDATABASE

Misc. info:
- Server has two IPs assigned, and One of
them runs a proxy, the other a mail server.


- Trying to connect to the database from within my ASP and VB
applications returns "Login failed for user 'sa'.".
- Connection string is as follows: 
  "Provider=sqloledb; Data Source=; Network
Library=DBMSSOCN; Initial Catalog=MYDATABASE; User ID=sa;


- I can connect with no problems with both Query Analyzer and
Enterprise Manager using MYSERVER as data source.
- That very same connection string works perfectly when connecting to
the production server (running SQL 7.0 on XP) on another IP.
- SQL Server 7.0 was working just fine on this very same machine prior
to a complete format and reinstall.

Failed workarounds:
- I've also tried using and MYSERVER as Data Source.
- I've created a new user and login with ownership over MYDATABASE.
Same problem arises.
- I've updated to MDAC 2.8.


- Server must be running under XP.
- SQL Server must use it's own login (Windows Authentication is not

I'll apreciate any help you can provide on solving the problem. Hope
you like the report-style format.

Thanks in advance.

Re: SQL 2000 Developer - Login Failed using SQLOLEDB, QA and EM have no problem connecting

Postby Wayne Snyder » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 08:56:14 GMT

When you connect using QA are you using the stand SQL login sa with your
password , or using a trusted connection... because it looks like the error
is simply telling you that the sa password is incorrect...

Wayne Snyder, MCDBA, SQL Server MVP
Computer Education Services Corporation (CESC), C{*filter*}te, NC
(Please respond only to the newsgroups.)

I support the Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS) and it's
community of SQL Server professionals.

Re: SQL 2000 Developer - Login Failed using SQLOLEDB, QA and EM have no problem connecting

Postby razorwings18 » Thu, 22 Apr 2004 05:36:37 GMT

I use sa, and can connect with every other user I create for the
database as well (from QA, that is). Actually, I figure the trusted
connection shouldn't even work as the server is configured right now.

Thank you for your interest.

Re: SQL 2000 Developer - Login Failed using SQLOLEDB, QA and EM have no problem connecting

Postby razorwings18 » Thu, 22 Apr 2004 06:31:34 GMT

Update: The line "Network Library=DBMSSOCN" was causing the problem.
What I've got to figure out now is a) Why it worked with the previous
XP installation - SQL7 and not with this one, and b) Why the
connection works with the production server and not with the local
staging server. That's an issue that belongs to some other group

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