Enabling Transaction Log Back Ups



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Re: Enabling Transaction Log Back Ups

Postby Flicker » Sat, 20 Sep 2003 03:24:19 GMT

if the recovery option is SIMPLE then you can't do a trans log backup.

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1.Full back ups and transaction logs

Running 2005 with sp2.  It seems that when running a full back up set as a 
maintenace plan  the transaction logs are filling up and do not shrink back.  
The database is set to FULL recovery.   Can some please assist me thank you 

2.Log File Full -> Back up Transaction Log


I get the following error message occassionally,
"The log file for database 'TSBASE' is full. Back up the transaction log for 
the database to free up some log space."

I'll backup the transaction log, and the database immediately. But after a 
while (a few weeks), the error comes out again. 

Why is there such an error? It seems like no matter how large I assign the 
size of the transaction log to be, I'll still get this error one day. How 
occassionally do I need to backup the transaction log? Is backing up the 
transaction log the only solution? Will it come to a day whereby the log file 
gets really so full that even backing up won't solve the problem?

Thank you in advance. 

3.Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log s

I have a server with 80 GB free space.  Logfile for the database is set to 
autogrow (10%), unrestricted.  The log file itself is right now about 25 MB.

This message can't be accurate, so I'm wondering what could cause this.  
There was no activity that would cause the logfile to grow, certainly not 80 

I've seen this intermittently, no standard, easily reproducible cause.  In 
this particular case, I was doing a defrag of the file system, and trying to 
parse a query in an SSIS package.

I've googled this (of course) and found a few people who've seen similar 
error messages with large amounts of free space, but nothing conclusive.


4.enable advanced performance - no UPS


I just enabled disk cache and advanced performance on our SQL-server 
machine's disks. The computer doesn't have any UPS, so I guess I could be in 
trouble if there is a power outage. But how serious is this? The machine is 
a dedicated sql server which mainly serves as a development machine. We do 
however store some license information in the sql-server, that database is 
however backed up on a regular basis.

Which are the worst case scenario?
- Re-install Win. Serv. 2003?
- Re-install SQL-server?
- Some corrupted/lost datarows in the database if someone worked on it when 
the outage happened?
- Complete loss of all data?
- Unusable database files?



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I have a production server that has a lot of data changes through out the 
day. I do one full back up at night and do hourly log back ups through out 
the major part of the day. 

My question is when I do the full back up does it back up the log as well 
and does it purge the data in the log? Also, when I do hourly log back ups 
should I append the most recent hourly log back up or overwrite it? Not sure 
if the log purges when you do a back up?

Thanks for your help?


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