mmc.exe-Enry point not found


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mmc.exe-Enry point not found

Postby S2VuTGVl » Fri, 14 Apr 2006 06:45:02 GMT

I had sql server 7 and server 2005 but server 2000.
I installed sql server 2000.
after installing when I tried to open "Enterprise Manager", message box 
popped up.
the message box title is "mmc.exe-Entry Point Not found".
the message box body is "the procedure entry 
pont?processExeute@@YAXPAUHWND_@@PBGI@Z could not be located in the dynamic 
link library SEMSFC.dll.

so I uninstalled sql server 7,sql server 2000, sqlserver 2005.
and I installed sql server 2000 again.
it showed same message and server 2000 enterprise manager went away.


Re: mmc.exe-Enry point not found

Postby John Bell » Tue, 18 Apr 2006 02:55:10 GMT


You may have a corruption in SEMSFC.dll. Did you check to see if it was 
removed after un-installing SQL Server?


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