Problems with Analysis Services running on Citrix client


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Problems with Analysis Services running on Citrix client

Postby Shabnam Naghshineh » Thu, 29 Jul 2004 02:38:28 GMT

Hi all,

   I have a VB program that connects to a cube and fetches data using
ADOMD.Cellset. This program is installed on a Citrix machine, so
different users use the Citrix client to ge t to it.

When logging you can chose to log to workstation only.This means you
will not see the mapped drives if you go to My Computer however you have
access to them.

Now the wierd thing is that if you log to Workstation only my program
runs 4 times faster. I know it has something to do with the mapped

Any ideas? Clues? Similar problem on Terminal Sever? Any server setting
on Analysis Manager that I can set to get the  other logins to run



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