microsoft ole db provider for sql server missing


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microsoft ole db provider for sql server missing

Postby VCBNb3JyaXM » Thu, 19 Jul 2007 03:52:18 GMT

While creating a linked server on SQL Server 2000 I found there were no 
providers. How do I add providers?


Similar Threads: ole db provider for olap services - in excel 2000 missing

Have similar problem.

client:  MDAC 2.7SP1, PTSlite 8.0.194 (AS-server has no SPs)

1) Use excel to get udl-dialog. In listbox i can choose "Microsoft OLE DB
Provider for
OLAP Services [8.0]". When i click next for either service i get "Provider
is no longer
vailable. Ensure that the provider is installed properly".
2) Use excel to use connection to an olap-cube (a connection that worked a
few days ago
on this client). Message "Initialization of the data source failed. Check
the database server or
contact your database administrator. Make sure the external database is
available, and then
try the operation again. If you see this mesage again, create a new data
source to connect
to the database."
3) Use excel to make a new connection to an olap-cube:  i) name the data
source, OK
ii) select olap-provider, OK?  iii) click connect ==> nothing happens, no
frost, just nothing


"Edward Melomed [MS]" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
> Here is simple test for you to know if your OLEDB for OLAP provider is
> working propertly:
> 1. Create a new empty text file.
> 2. Change it's extention to .udl
> 3. Double click on it and in the dialog select the first page
> 4. See if you can select OLEDB for OLAP in the list of providers.
> 5. Try to connect to existing Analysis Server, select some database and
> to test connection.
> --
> Edward Melomed
> Program Manager.
> Microsoft Analysis Server team.
> Disclaimer : This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and
> confers no rights.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> "junyan" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> > hi all,
> >
> > previously my users and i are able to access the cubes that i have
> > created by using excel 2000. everything is running fine.
> >
> > but recently my company is under going a migration from netware to
> > win2K and when the users who had migrated had problem connecting to
> > the analysis service. in other words, when they are prompt to select
> > the olap provider in excel, the listbox displays nothing. but for
> > those PCs that have yet to be migrated, they are working well.
> >
> > i had tried to remove and reinstall excel and PTSFull. but its not
> > working.
> >
> > does anyone has any idea of how to solve this?
> >
> > thanks in advance.

2.Problem connecting to local SQL Server 2005 Express using "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server"

I have this really strange problem happening.  I've installed SQL Server 
2005 Express many times and it has always worked fine (Mixed Mode 
Authentication, Default Instance, Enable TCP/IP, user 'sa').

And then I connect to the database with a UDL that uses the provider of 
"Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server".

For this one install with Windows XP on it I get an error on the local 
computer saying that the SQL Server doesn't exist or Access Denied when I do 
the Test Connection in the Data Link Properties.

If I switch the provider to "SQL Native Client" then it works.  But I can't 
use this as I have some other programs that are hard-wired to use "Microsoft 
OLE DB Provider for SQL Server".

I can connect to the database using thee Studio Express but it is probably 
using the "SQL Native Client"

An odd thing about this is if I connect remotely to that database using the 
provider "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server" it works fine so I know 
the TCP/IP portion is working.  It only fails to work connecting on that 
local computer.  The logged in user is part of the Administrator group and I 
installed SQL Server 2005 Express under that user.

I'm flummoxed as to why this is not working.  I would sure appreciate any 
ideas anyone might have



3.Missing SQL OLE DB for SQL Server Provider

I have some DTS packages on SQL Server 2000 which connect to Oracle (Oracle 
provider for OLE DB) as the datasource and SQL server 2000 (Microsoft OLE DB 
for SQL Server) as the destination.
I have defined a datapump task with some mappings from the Oracle View to 
the SQL server table.
I wanted to change some properties of the datapump and I got an error that 
the SQL Server provider did not exist for the destination.

Investigating, I now see that there is no "Microsoft OLE DB for SQL Server" 
connection available. Not on this server, my test server, my local pc.

If I could replace the provider with SQL Native Client that could work but I 
will lose my column mapping which is complicated and easily messed up.

The common cause seems to be the prescence of SQL Native Client - on the pc 
because it's a dev pc and I have installed some 2005 database and Studio 
products, on the test server for the same reason, on the dev server it might 
be the dba playing with msoft reporting services or the like, he can't tell 

Saving the package to the test server results in me being unable to open 
that package with Designer. (Error mentions the SQL OLE DB 
provider/Connection read/General Network Error)

I want my "Microsoft OLE DB for SQL Server" back - can anyone help ?

Thanks all.

4.Error initializing provider (Microsoft OLE DB provider for oracle)


-Microsoft Analysis server was installed by local machine
administrator account in win2k server. Our warehouse is in Oracle8i
and trying to use Analysis server to connect through ODBC and create
-OLAP_Administrators group was automatically created by Analysis
server and I added my NT domain user (xyz) to it apart from the local
Administrator to access from remote machine.
- First there was permission problem with the data folder access while
saving the cube and we gave permissions for the OLAP_Administrators
group to read execute and modify the data folder of Analysis server.
This solved this issue.

- When using data source, the problem is:
- When Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle is used as new data source
and connection is Tested, it gives "An error in initializing provider.
Oracle error occured but error message could not be retrieved from
Oracle". Also obviously it does not process the cube.

Actually we checked location of the dll for this provider is there and
it is in WINNT/system32 folder and gave read and execute permission to
OLAP_ADMINISTRATORS group for these folders and also to the provider
Still getting the error.
(Note: When using Oracle Provider for OLE DB through DSN creation and
using this DSN through Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers, it
connects and able to create cube. Through DSN route also Microsoft OLE
DB Provider for Oracle gives the same error. All the oracle folders
have permission for OLAP_Administrators group.).

Question::: Is there any specific permission(s) that need to be
enabled in the windows system for any file/folder to have Microsoft
OLE DB Provider for Oracle working? Or is there anything that needs to
be done to have this work?
(When it was installed on another windows 2k professional machine,
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle worked and Microsoft OLE DB
Provider for Oracle is very very slow so in server we need Microsoft
OLE DB Provider for Oracle.) Please help.

In the windows professional 2k system, the user was having
adminstrative rights to install but was domain user. In windows server
2k system the user was having administrative rights but was the local
server user and not a domain user. Does this make a difference and
anthing to be done with this? Please help...

Thanks & Regards

5.Could not create an instance of OLE DB provider 'Microsoft.Jet.OLE


I am running the following query and getting this error.

Could not create an instance of OLE DB provider 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0'.
OLE DB error trace [Non-interface error:  CoCreate of DSO for 
Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 returned 0x80040e73].

I am using windows xp SP2 and Access 2003 and running this query on  a SQL 
server 200 which is on a network.

FROM  OPENdatasource(
 'Data Source="\\machineNameOnNetwork\c:\Test.mdb;"
 User ID=admin;Password=somePassword;"'


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7. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005'

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