Error Installing Reporting Services


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Error Installing Reporting Services

Postby Che Jackson » Wed, 15 Mar 2006 05:36:12 GMT

I am tyring to install SQL 2000 Reporting services on a 2003 Server. I have 
installed IIS,, VS .net 2003, etc. I installed service packs 3, and 
4. I have not noticed the upgrade  re: the versions. When I attempt to 
install Reporting Services, I keep getting the error the the server requires 
sp3a. I was able to install this on my laptop with minimal problems but I 
cannot get it installed on my desktop. Please help. 

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I'm having the most difficult time installing RS 2005 on W2K Server.

I run the RS Configuration Tool.  It shows X mark on Web Service Identity.
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Also under Database Setup, I choose the database as ReportServer and click
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I attempt to run the Reporting Services installation and 
get and on the screen right after the license agreement, I 
get a message that says just "Error!" and I cannot 
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disk.  I am running Windows 2000, .NET 1.1 framework, and 
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[File Transfer]
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