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  • 1. Enterprise Edition would not install
    I tried to install SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition on my laptop which has WinXP professional. It said that this version was not able to install on my operating system and then I was only allowed to install the client tools --- not SQL Server. SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition installed fully without a problem. Does anyone know why I could not install the Enterprise Edition ? Thanks, Craig
  • 2. -N start parameter
    Does anyone have information on the SQL Server -N startup parameter?
  • 3. SQLAgentMail Profile Grey on console, not on wkstn
    I'm trying to configure SQLAgentMail on a new install, 2K3, and SQL2000 SP3 and Exchange with Outlook 2000SR1. Followed the KB instructions to the letter SQL mail properties sees the outlook profile, test ok. Sends mail OK. SQL mail 100% working. SQLagent mail does not - greyed out when running enterprise manager from the console. No options selectable for Mail profile in SQLAgent properties. They both start with the same domain account. From a workstation If I connect with Enterprise manager from my workstation I CAN see the profile in SQLagent properties window. Using the test button reports that the MAPI session started and stopped correctly. However if I then select an operator and send a test email I get: Error22022 The SQLServerAgent mail session is not running; check the mail profile and/or the SQLServerAgent service startup account in the SQLserverAgent Properties dialog In the SQL Server Agent/Properties/View Error Log I get: [355] The mail system failed to initialize; check that a mail client been installed Can anyone point me to the nest step? Does this (shows profile from wkstn/not from console) indicate I should reinstall enterprise manager at the console? or do I have a deeper issue
  • 4. SQL SP3a Desktop Engine Install
    Hi, Each time I try to install the above said item, I get a message that SA userID requires strong password. 1) I don't want to change my SA password from NULL. 2) I have only the SQL engine installed as part of Sharepoint 2003 so don't know how nor want to change it for fear that it might do willies to my Sharepoint. Please help! Thank you. Regards, Richard XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Re: Simple SQL SP3 Question Re: Slammer

Postby Dinesh.T.K » Wed, 17 Sep 2003 01:10:36 GMT


Yes.Refer the below Q&A from :

'Trustworthy Computing Security Update'

question: which systems are impacteD?
Microsoft SQL Server 2000, SP1, SP2, Developer, Evaluation, and Personal
Editions, and MSDE 2000.
SQL Server 2000, SP1, SP2, Developer, and Personal Editions require either a
patch or SP3.

SQL Server FAQ at

Re: Simple SQL SP3 Question Re: Slammer

Postby Jasper Smith » Wed, 17 Sep 2003 01:16:34 GMT

Yes, however there has been a post SP3 security hotfix that you may want to
apply. Have a look at  http://www.**--****.com/ 


Jasper Smith (SQL Server MVP)

I support PASS - the definitive, global
community for SQL Server professionals -

Pretty new to MSSQL DB administrator, if I install SP3 am
I then protected againest the slammer worm?

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