SQL2005 Unattended Installation says the Product Key is not va


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    Does anyone know the differences between SQL Server 2000 from the MSDN and the retail version? This would be the enterprise edition. I am thinking they are the same, but want to check to make sure. If anyone knows, if there are differences, that would be great.
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    After installing SQL2000 on a W2003 stand alone server followed by MOM. MOM fails to recognize SQL as being present. Error: "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or a higher version was not found." SQL appears to be running 'normally'. Any ideas why MOM will not recognise SQL as being present?

Re: SQL2005 Unattended Installation says the Product Key is not va

Postby QkVBQ0hEQkE » Wed, 09 May 2007 21:00:36 GMT

Rob -

Did you find a solution to this?  I am getting the same error.


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1.SQL2005 Unattended Installation says the Product Key is not valid (template.ini)

I receive
   "SQL Server Product Key is not valid"

When I try to install SQL2005 Enterprise Edition with a template.ini
file (unattended installation).  However I am certain the key is

The key is from our Micorsoft Agreement.  When we run a manual install
from the same media the Product ID (PID) is uneditable/ greyed out and
the installation is always successful.

Anyone else have this problem or have an idea of the cause?


2.Installation Mistakenly says IWAM_MachineName" does not exist

I have had success installing "SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services" on
several machines, but I am not able to install on a particular machine now.

The following error is reported in the installation error log but
"IWAM_MACHINEname" exists and is enabled:

---------------------- Error Log Entry -------------------------------
<Prerequisite Name="AreRSAccountsValidInstalled" Checked="User accounts"
Item="IWAM_machineName" Found="Not exist or not enable" Expected="Exist and
enabled" Result="Fail" />
Machine = ISOVDEVWAC8, Article = RSACCOUNTS, Result = 60357 (0xebc5)
----------------End of Error Log Entry -------------------------------

I have run the utilities to synchronize the Metabase and other stores for
this account on this machine.
Help me resolve this please.

Thanks inadvance

- Bob  -

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I've downloaded SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer (license key states 
pre-pidded). Then I install the product with no problem. The license key is 
defaulted in the setup. But after the install I wanted to add som features to 
the install (wanted to add BIDS afterwards). Then I get this error and the 
setup closes...

The SQL Server product key is not valid.  To proceed, re-enter the product 
key values from the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or SQL Server Packaging.
Error code 0x84B40000

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Stupid question from a newbie:

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The trick is I want to add the SQLACCOUNT parameter as well but this,
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How can I include all of this so that I can have double-quotes nested
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5.unattended SQl 2000 installation

Hi all,

I made a setup.iss file for an unattended installation
It works but I would like to separate the data file on a disk and the log 
file on another
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I tried an entry "szLogDir" but it doesn't seem to do the fit
I f someone encounter the same problem thanks to give me the information


Patrick Viennot

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