SQL Server 2005 with Multiple Instances and Memory Usage


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SQL Server 2005 with Multiple Instances and Memory Usage

Postby housequake » Fri, 16 Feb 2007 08:08:04 GMT

Despite reading numerous posts regarding SQL Server 2005 memory
configuration I'm still confused about my situation.  I am looking at
running multiple instances of SQL Server 2005 Standard on a box with
8gb ram and Windows 2003 Enterprise (everything is 32-bit).  Will the
multiple instances be crowded into the lower 4gb of ram because
standard edition doesn't support AWE?  Or does the AWE option just
affect how much memory a single instance can handle?


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I have a server with 8 GB RAM and 4 HT cpu (8 virtuals cpu), it is running 
Win2003 EE(32 bits) and 3 SQL 2005 Std instances.

This is the boot.ini file
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, 
Enterprise" /fastdetect  /PAE 

AWE is enabled for all the instances.

I need to know if I have to setup something else for memory configuration. 
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cube that has 4 dimensions (including the date) and 2 years of test
data. (The data generated is pretty dense as it was generated by an
automated program. And we expect the rpoduction data to be this dense
as well.)

I was able to setup the cube and process around 43 million rows easily
(within about 20 minutes).

I am facing performance issues while querying this data. I am new to
this version of analysis services.  When I say performance issues, I
mean, it is really slow. More than 15-20 seconds to retrieve data for a
single dimension and the corresponsing measures.  I investigated
further and found that the CPU on the server spikes to 100%  when I
issue a query. However, the memory used is only 55 MB. My server has 2
GB of RAM. Is there anyway to tune this or speed this up?. The cube
size on disk is less than 1 GB. So I am finding it very difficult to
accept that this is the best we can do with this.

Your help is highly appreciated. 


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After some days the memory usage of sqlservr.exe gets really high. It
uses about 1.500.000K of memory while there's 2GB installed in the

There's some activity on the webserver but it not a really high
traffic site.
Is this normal to SQL server 2005? And can we do something to prevent

best regards,

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Thus the server is swapping memory to disk.

How can i make sure the SQL server is limited in its memory usgage if it is 
ignoring the setting.



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I have added 1GB of RAM to my workstation, bring the total to 1.5GB.
When Express is running, Task manager shows 760MB in use with 1.5MB
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How do I persuade Express to use its maximum of 1GB?



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