Torn page detection


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Torn page detection

Postby san » Tue, 16 Sep 2003 16:40:05 GMT

Does unselecting torn page detection/auto statistics form 
server/database properties will bring performance down of 
server.. ??


Re: Torn page detection

Postby sunnya » Tue, 16 Sep 2003 17:39:55 GMT

 First of all thanks for yr mail and also for making a gr8 
These are the options which are diabled in server right 
now,with yr reply it seems that they should be always 

Db server is facing too much issues,
1) its slow and hangs down,extensive use of tempdb,more 
locks are there on server etc..etc..

performance, by
why you want to
protection. Again, why do
Server Books Online.

Torn Page Detection

Postby John Barr » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 00:26:05 GMT

Does anyone have any thoughts on using Torn Page Detection 
or not? I see where Microsoft, in there documentation, 
tells you to use it, then they say don't use it. Not sure 
what to do, or ultimately what I will gain from using it.

Re: Torn Page Detection

Postby James Goodman » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 02:18:22 GMT

Personally, I leave it on & have not found any ill-effects from doing so.
This is on the basis that a slight performance loss is better than a
torn-page going unnoticed & losing data when it eventually gets detected.


James Goodman MCSE, MCDBA

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Hello everybody,

First: SQL Server 2000 sp3a, HP cluster server, MS 2003 server,
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Torn page detection:
When I have this option turned on, processes conected with updating and
writing in database, was MUCH more slower, than if I've this option
turned off.

It seams to me, that when this option is turned on, the sqlserver is
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This option is required for ensurance, that the data are written
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I take it I would be correct in assuming that torn pages are totally
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3.Torn Page Detection

We had this problem 2-3 times so i feel it is always 
better to leave this option ON. dbcc checkdb will able to 
catch this problem. so if u have this option off unless 
someone try to access this page u will never see this 
error and u might need to recover since last good full 
backup and all transaction log backups.


>-----Original Message-----
>Hello.  I understand what setting this option ON gives 
>and the possible performance overhead it can cause, 
>but........  let's say you GET a torn page, and this 
>option was OFF.  So, you'd have this corruption and when 
>would you get NAILED?  When you try to restore a backup 
>containing a torn page?  Would a DBCC Check catch a torn 
>page problem?  Sounds like it makes sense to turn this 
>option ON always, but I'd appreciate any opinions on 
>this...  THanks, Bruce

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