MSDE CallBack


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MSDE CallBack

Postby 6.10.ikas » Sun, 08 Aug 2004 18:27:46 GMT


Can somebody guide me on the correct way to get MSDE setup to call my

I have followed all the steps as described in the article at :


I cross checked if my dll is being loaded by using the ProcessExplorer
from sysinternals also. But the dll is not being loaded.

I have tried copying the dll into the %TMP% directory, tried
specifying the path in the command line CALLBACK property, all to no

A search on various groups come up with many of them facing this
problem, but none of them offer a solution.

Any help/links/samples would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't understand what goes wrong here. Any help would be extremely useful.

I'm using the Setup.exe in MSDE 2000 Rel A.
> Setup.exe CALLBACK=MSDE_Callback_dll!xp_proc /L*v C:\MSDE.log
The DLL code is as follows

#include <stdafx.h>
#define XP_NOERROR 0
#define XP_ERROR 1
#define MAXCOLNAME 25
#define MAXNAME 25
#define MAXTEXT 255

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
UINT __declspec(dllexport) xp_proc(HANDLE hinstall, UINT uExitCode);
#ifdef __cplusplus

UINT __declspec(dllexport) xp_proc(HANDLE hinstall, UINT uExitCode)
   TCHAR buffer[1024];
   wsprintf(buffer, TEXT("**Callback** Return code is %d"), uExitCode);
   MessageBox(NULL, buffer, TEXT("xp_proc Callback Function"), MB_OK);
   return 0;


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