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  • 1. Hosting SQL Server 2008 express
    Hi, I am new to web development and I am trying to put a web page together with Web Developer 2008 Express and SQL Server 2008 Express. My Hosting company says that it only supports MS SQL Server 2005. Q: Is there some incompatibility between web sites developed using SQL Server 2008 Express and Server side MS SQL Server 2005 licences? Q: If so, can I develop the website using Web Developer 2008 Express and SQL Server 2005 Express?
  • 2. No server tools
    I have installed MS SQL Server 2005 on two computers, but the only tools availlable are the "configuration tool". I've tryed to install everything but No error was reported, so i thought the tools had to be there,... One machine is running Windows XP home, and the other is running Windows Vista. I need the server tools like "SQL Server Management Studio", what can i do?
  • 3. Where did NorthWind for SQL Server Express get installed?
    I installed Visual Studio 2005 with SQL Server Express, but the project I am learning VS on required the NorthWind database. I downloaded it from Microsoft, then ran a Quick Starts wizard which was supposed to install QuickStart databases - I assume at least NorthWind and Pubs. However, my first project says to create a new project, then connect to the NW database. I can't find it on my PC! Where would it have been installed by default, since I had no choice as to its location?
  • 4. Upgrade SQL 2005 Developer to Standard
    Hello, Is it possible to upgrade SQL 2005 Developer Edition to SQL 2005 Standard Edition? I see it is possible to do with SQL express, but we accidently installed Developer Edition on our production machine about six months ago, and only noticed now. We have production applications using the instance, so an upgrade would be ideal. Thanks for the help! Andy


Postby Marshie » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 01:59:55 GMT

Can anyone give me instructions on networking with SQL 
Server 2000?

Re: Networking

Postby Steve Thompson » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 02:52:37 GMT

What is it you are attempting to accomplish?? If you could state your
requirements, that would help!



Postby Giacomo » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 07:36:56 GMT

Probably one of the more interesting is the ability to 
create a common database - distribute it with MSDE on a 
bunch of peoples desktops (Instancing) - link them all 
together with replication - and then go from there.  First 
part - getting a database out there is a good place to 
start.  Before you do that, you'll need to makeup some 
data to distribute...figure a way to put it to use, and 
then come up with a reason to share and replicate it over 
the internet using some truly fancy connections... {*filter*}, 
specialized networking, sales force, hand helds, sky's the 
How to Get MSDE:


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1.How to move data from Server in-network to server out-of-network

I am trying to develop a T-SQL script to copy data from our internal to the 
SQL server database at our webhost.  This is probably pretty straightforward 
and a fairly routine task in the database world, yet I fail to see it in the 
documentation.  My hunting on the web has led me to believe that I need to 
create a linked server?  True ornot?

Assume our internal server is entitled 'Server1' and using Management Studio 
am able to log-in (SQL Authentication) and see the 'mywebdb' database on 

I ran sp_addlinkedserver ''

INSERT [].[mywebdb].Customer 
       SELECT id, name 
       FROM   [server1].[dwbilling].dbo.customer 

But this is resulting in an error message:

Invalid object name ''.

Any assistance or links to documentation?  Like I said, i would think this 
is fairly routine for anyone trying to push data to web database - or is 
there a better way to push data out for web publishing?


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sp_grantdbaccess ADDS 'nt authority\network service' instead of
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Thanks in advance.

3.General network error. Check your network documentation

I've a merge replication over a ISDN router between two 
SQL Server 2000 databases.
The job for synchronize always run at 0:00h every day.
Sometimes i'll get this errors messages:

The process could not make a generation at 
the 'Subscriber'.
(Source: Merge Replication Provider (Agent); Error 
number: -2147200994)
General network error. Check your network documentation.
(Source: MAILVXE (Data source); Error number: 11)
Communication link failure
(Source: MAILVXE (Data source); Error number: 0)

The merge process could not perform retention-based meta 
data cleanup in database 'WinSGS'.
(Source: Merge Replication Provider (Agent); Error 
number: -2147199467)
General network error. Check your network documentation.
(Source: MAILVXE (Data source); Error number: 11)

I've already set the agent profile for a slow link 
connection, can someone help qith this?

4.General NetWork Error Check network configuration

Hi to all
i have two sql servers
the first one is a win 2000 sever serverA
and the second one is a win xp ServerB
.i have created a push subscription at sql server ServerA
.i had many problems finally i installed the sp3 on both machine
.the first time i ran the replication at serverA via a dial up connection 
with modem
it took 45 mins for 11135 inserts.
It had also certain conficts.
So i re run the replication but this time i have an error

"General network error. Check your network documentation.
(Source: MAILVXE (Data source); Error number: 11)"

I restarted the mahine but in vain the same error is repeated.

Please help me .
Thanks in advance

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