Install of SQL2000 notification engine components fails on WS2003


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Install of SQL2000 notification engine components fails on WS2003

Postby QWxleCBUaG9tYXM » Wed, 08 Mar 2006 09:02:27 GMT

I am installing Business Scorecard Manager 2005 in Virtual Server 2005. I 
have installed the prerequisites (with addition of .NET 2.0), but when I 
attempt to install the SQL Server 2000 Notification Services 2.0 SP1 Engine 
Components I get an error dialog saying that the 'feature requires the 
Microsoft .Net framework'.

Uninstalling 2.0 does not work. Reinstalling the 1.1 SP for Server 2003 
tells me I already have a more recent version than the SP.

Any ideas? 

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