SP3 Fails to install Analysis Services: HELP!


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SP3 Fails to install Analysis Services: HELP!

Postby Jack » Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:03:20 GMT

I have SQL Server 2000 SP3 running on a Windows 2003 
Enterprise Server.  I want to update Analysis Services to 
SP3.  When I run the update, it stops with the 
error, "...Move data process: -132".  This error code is 
unknown to the public Knowledgebase (there is the same 
message but with error code -145).

Has anyone seen this?  Has anyone fixed this?  HELP!

Re: SP3 Fails to install Analysis Services: HELP!

Postby Casey Vanlandingham » Sun, 23 Nov 2003 02:07:17 GMT

We had this exact same problem (same error message), though we have our SQL
Server on Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

The error indicates that it is trying to copy files that are already in use.
To solve it, we set all SQL Server services to manual and stopped them.
Then, reboot the server.  Apply the Service Pack and it should work just

Then set everything back to Automatic and reboot the server and you should
be good to go.

Casey Vanlandingham

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