instalar linux en sun microsystems netra x1



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instalar linux en sun microsystems netra x1

Postby Marcelo SUSE » Sun, 12 Sep 2004 00:06:10 GMT

Hola a todos:

Necesito instalar alguna version de linux en una maquina sun microsystems
Netra X1

Donde puedo bajar la version de linux para esta maquina?

De antemano muchas gracias !


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I have just got hold of a Sun Netra X1 and would like to install
Solaris 9 (or 10) onto it.

The problem I have is that when I connect to the serial console I get
the LOM prompt alright, but after typing some commands like "help" I
get back scrambled text with some parts recognizable. I am using a
Cisco serial cable which has the same pinout as the sun original cable
(I have also made up a cable as per the Sun spec in the netra manual).

I have also tried connecting to the server via a Linux server, a Sun
Sparstation 5 and a windows laptop (using a variety of software
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I'm rebuilding a Netra X1 with Solaris 8 2/02.....

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"Coy Hile" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
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> I have a Netra X1 (500MHz US-IIe) and a 40GB drive (Sun P/N 370-4419),
> Seagate Part # ST304824A.  Issuing "probe-ide" from the PROM shows it as
> finding a disk with that seagate part number.
> However, when I type format, I get the following:
> |# format
> |Searching for disks...done
> |
> |
> |       0. c0t0d0 <drive type unknown>
> |          /pci@1f,0/ide@d/dad@0,0
> |Specify disk (enter its number):
> This in effect means that I can't slice up the disk (except during
> jumpstart where it did see the full capacity)  The machine is running
> Solaris 9 9/04; it was just wiped and jumpstarted yesterday.
> Any ideas how to make format(1M) see the correct drive type?  If I
> manually put in the sectors/heads/cylinders, it only sees it as an 8GB
> drive.  Or is something else amiss?
> Thanks,
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> Coy Hile

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about Sun/Solaris configuration, and I wonder if there's a
way to plug a disk to this netra as easily as you plug an
USB external disk box to a PC...).

On the back of this machine I have 4 RJ-45 entries (A LOM,
B SERIAL, NET 0 and NET 1) plus 2 USB ports.

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