Sun Cluster 3.x & JASS Hardening



  • 1. [Cobalt_users] Burning RaQ4-20022007.iso from Zeffie to 80 min CD-R? File too big?
    Hi, I've purchased and now downloaded Zeffie's updated Raq4 restore CD image and I've encountered a problem getting it burnt to a CD-R I'm only finding 700 MB (80 min) CD-R's available and the filesize of the Zeffie restore CD ISO file is bigger than the reported capacity of my current bundle of CD-R's. I only have a normal CD-R drive available at the moment (connected to my Sunblade 1000 workstation) so I'm trying to use that. I keep getting this error out of the Solaris 9 'cdrw' utility using my 8x write-speed Teac CD-R drive: 1614 craig@lios #----> cdrw -i RaQ4-20022007.iso Looking for CD devices... Initializing device...done. Size required (703696896 bytes) is greater than available space (681986048 bytes). Are there any larger-capacity CD-R's around or is the only way to get this burnt to a disk to use a DVD-R instead? Craig.

Sun Cluster 3.x & JASS Hardening

Postby fredje110 » Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:12:26 GMT

Hello Sun guru's!

We are planning to install a Sun Cluster 3.1 with Oracle 9i RAC on
Solaris 9 (based on SUNWCXall meta cluster). I am wondering if the
following drivers of JASS 4.0 are usable for such a configuration:


Are there any obvious or less obvious problems I might encounter?

Looking forward to receiving your comments.

With best regards,


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