threeparttable: multicolumn table notes


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threeparttable: multicolumn table notes

Postby Bil Kleb » Mon, 05 Apr 2004 06:21:47 GMT

I am using the multicol package to set the tablenotes
in a threeparttable environment in columns.

With long table notes, however, I have to insert line
breaks by hand.  Is there a way to have the \tablenotes
list environment cope with multicols automatically, i.e.,
wrap based on the current \linewidth given by multicols?

I have tried hacking \tablenotes, but I no joy so far...

Here is my current test case:

   \caption{A \texttt{threeparttable} with multicolumn notes.}
    \multicolumn{3}{c}{Process Type}            \\
    None            & Defined       & Empirical \\\hline
    Ad hoc\tnote{1} & CMMI\tnote{2} & Agile     \\
    Ad hoc          & PMI           & Lean
     \item[1] Also known as code-n-fix.
     \item[2] For teams of ``code monkeys''

Thanks in advance,
Bil Kleb, Hampton, {*filter*}ia

Re: threeparttable: multicolumn table notes

Postby Bil Kleb » Sat, 10 Apr 2004 16:37:35 GMT

Arseneau assisted me offline.  The conclusion: the whole
idea of the \tablenotes list environment is set to be
'tablewidth' wide.  Therefore, merely make your own list
that inherits the existing \linewidth set by the multicols
environment.  A lame example:

    {\begin{footnotesize}\begin{list}{}{\topsep 0pt \partopsep  0pt
     \setlength\itemsep{4pt plus 1pt minus 1pt} \leftmargin 0pt
     \parsep 0pt \itemindent 0pt \labelsep 0pt \raggedright}%
     \settowidth{\labelwidth}{\textsuperscript 1}%

     \item[1] Also known as code-n-fix.
     \item[2] For teams of ``code monkeys''

Bil Kleb, Hampton, {*filter*}ia

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