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  • 1. socat usage under AIX w/named pipes?
    Someone recently suggested looking at socat to solve a problem allowing an application running under AIX to communicate, bi-directionally, with a remote host via a socket/port. The specs for socat sound like it will do this perfectly. However, I cannot get this working as the application seems to just hang. I've heard that named pipes under AIX are "unidirectional" and as a result I require two for the application side. socat supports dual addressing to allow this. here's the syntax: socat -d -v -x -s -lf./socat.log \ TCP4:111.222.333.444:port \ PIPE:/dev/abc-in!!PIPE:/dev/abc-out & The logs for socat show the remote socket being opened and attached and show the first named pipe being opened and readied. However, the second named pipe is prepared then opened with a return code of "-1" and I cannot determine what the minus 1 is referring to. Can anyone enlighten me on the "-1" possible cause and also has anyone used socat successfully to accomplish something similar to what we are trying? TIA
  • 2. DVD ?
    hi to all .. q: is there a software for manipulating DVD's on AIX and pSeries machines ? thanks.
  • 3. Disabling Fast Write cache option
    Hello What is the procedure to disable the Fast-write Cache in SSA Raid Array? Can I do this Online? Thanks in advance Krishna
  • 4. When went AIX 4.1.x out of support
    Hello, does anybody know, when AIX 4.1.x went out of support and what is the APAR for the last Maintenance Level of AIX 4.1? Thanks in advance, Olaf -- +-------------------------------------------------------------------+ I Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Rogalsky Institut fuer Theoretische Physik I I Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg I I Tel.: 09131 8528440 Staudtstr. 7 B3 I I Fax.: 09131 8528444 D-91058 Erlangen I | XXXX@XXXXX.COM I +-------------------------------------------------------------------+

AIX System Engineer needed in Michigan

Postby Carly Goodwin » Wed, 08 Dec 2010 05:12:15 GMT

    * Senior AIX Administrator
    * Grand Rapids, MI

OtterBase is one of the fastest growing supplemental staffing
companies in the country with a rapidly expanding list of Fortune 500
clients. We attribute our rapid growth to unwavering focus in three
key areas: our clients, our people, and our services.

Our client is committed to continued growth across all levels of their
businesses. To achieve that growth, they need talented, highly
motivated people who love a challenge and can hit the ground running.
If that sounds like the kind of environment you're looking for, send
us your resume.

Please review this job description and see if you qualify, if so
please send your resume to Carly Goodwin. Thank you for your interest
in OtterBase.

Job Title: Senior AIX Administrator
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Hours: Full-time


    * Assist in designs for assigned technologies, based on direction
set by strategy, architecture and customers
    * Implement identified solutions, making suggestions to ensure a
cost-effective and efficient infrastructure environment to provide the
resources essential to enterprise operations
    * Troubleshoot, maintaining, upgrading, and providing solutions to
hardware/software problems
    * Monitor and control infrastructure performance in the areas of
response, throughput, and availability
    * Assist in the implementation of test plans including
functionality, integrity, and stress testing, being knowledgeable of
test platforms, including evaluation of test equipment and design test
    * Identify opportunities for improving service efficiency and
    * Help configure, install, and maintain necessary services for
assigned technologies to provide a suitable environment to run
production applications and to perform development
    * Assist in performing maintenance and release upgrades on a
timely basis or as needed
    * Monitor performance and availability of Communications platforms
    * Continuously striving to improve client support, identifying
opportunities and recommending solutions for improving service
efficiency and effectiveness, while developing a working knowledge of
department specific applications
    * Carry out field operations (all locations) as required
    * Understand help desk policies/procedures and act as a liaison to
help desk staff


    * Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering,
Telecommunications, or other related discipline
    * 3- 5 years of related experience
    * IBM AIX
    * Virtualization I/O(VIO) / LPAR
    * HACMP
    * Tivoli / TSM
    * Korn Shell Scripting(KSH)
    * TCP/IP
    * Broad range of telecommunications, network, and desktop
knowledge is desired
    * Understanding of distributed systems architecture and general
knowledge of multiple technical disciplines including PC workstations
(configuration and connectivity), network file servers, applicable
software, and troubleshooting techniques

OtterBase is dedicated to providing employee benefits that not only
match industry standards, but exceed them. Benefit packages are custom
design to meet each contractor*s individual needs. Certain benefits
require employee contributions.

OtterBase is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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