Workaround for group being a member of group



  • 1. Restricted Account
    I've been asked to provide an account for non-Unix personnel to logon and run a command. (The command reads and displays a log file, essentially a "tail -f", and waits for a ctrl-c to exit.) The logon and command execution need to happen as automatically as possible, preferably without passwords. I can generate SSH keys and give out the private key to the individuals, so they don't need a password to logon. I can set up a sudo rule to run the command without a password. How do I set up a dummy account with restricted access to run only this one command and exit once the command completes? I've heard of chroot, but am not familiar with exactly what it does or how it works. Would that be a possible solution? Or can we run the command (or a script) in place of the shell in the user's passwd entry? Thanks, Steve Bassler
  • 2. Renaming HSM filesystems
    Can HSM filesystems be renamed? ie /somenestedfilesystem Can I rename this filesystem to /some/nested/filesystem ? Will HSM 'lose' track of its migrated files? Just checking, we're going to test this out soon anyways. Thanks. Alvin Liau
  • 3. The ps command
    I have an AIX question on process utilisation. Just wanted hints / tips on understanding the ps command. We have a server which is being pounded by a certain process tm- prs@floorb:/home/prs/prsdb> ps aux | sort -n +2 USER PID %CPU %MEM SZ RSS TTY STAT STIME TIME COMMAND adm 8620 0.0 0.0 536 600 - A 11:00:00 0:00 bsh /usr/lib/sa/s adm 28124 0.0 0.0 108 144 - A 11:00:00 0:00 /usr/lib/sa/sadc root 39590 0.2 3.0 7320 7168 - A 06:00:00 1:28 /u/tscs/bin/tscs_ root 13938 0.6 2.0 9140 5540 - A Oct 11 1437:42 ./netprobe.aix - root 516 22.5 0.0 264 8 - A Oct 11 58184:56 kproc root 774 24.2 0.0 264 8 - A Oct 11 62694:51 kproc fistuser 25732 49.1 0.0 1144 728 - A Dec 24 22349:19 tm prs@floorb:/home/prs/prsdb> ps -elf F S UID PID PPID C PRI NI ADDR SZ WCHAN STIME TTY TIME CMD 240001 A fistuser 25732 21688 120 120 20 4d70 1144 Dec 24 - 22361:33 tm Just wanted an explanation of the C column in the ps -elf - I thought this could only go as high as 100. Why is it 120 ? Is 120 the highest, does this mean 120%. I was just unsure. The machine itself has a dual processor. Would that be the reason why the figure is 120. What are the best places to look up information. Most documentation is very sparse. Can anyone point me in the right direction ? Thanks
  • 4. how to monitor and modifying memory usage on AIX5.2
    Hi All, Are there any tools that would help to monitor memory usage by a specific process on AIX5.2 box? topas does not show memory usage by a process, while top is not available for AIX 5.2 Thanks, Alona

Workaround for group being a member of group

Postby krx » Fri, 11 Apr 2008 00:49:36 GMT


We have a scenario which could be simplified if we were able to define
a group that would have 2 other groups as its members.  It seems like
this can be done in HP-UX but there's no direct way to do it in AIX.

Is there any sort of workaround to this?

Thank you,

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