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lshwres command

Postby Andy Wilson » Sat, 08 Nov 2008 23:50:55 GMT

System 9133-55A 2 processor cards
2 1G DIMM's and 2 2G DIMMs installed on each card  12G total

 >lshwres -r mem -m DocHarbor --level sys

My question is about the max_capacity_sys_mem=14366.
Is this tell me all i can install on this system is 14G.
Thought this system supported up to 64G total 32G on each processor card.

I hope I am miss interpting the meaning of max_capacity_sys_mem


Re: lshwres command

Postby Gary R. Hook » Wed, 12 Nov 2008 03:37:11 GMT

In the new HMC code (v7) that parameter is deprecated.  Perhaps it's 
best to just ignore the value.

If you need more memory, install it.

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