get charachters from positionX to positionY



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get charachters from positionX to positionY

Postby shulamitm » Wed, 16 May 2007 21:00:41 GMT

I have a file with list of rows.
I need to get the charachters in position 69-79 from each row.

for example:
from the following line:
000000059026255852  03BKVAKOV  BE1193YN20070228104737AKUVMTG
048605612   0000XXX

I need the the strings "048605612"

How can I do it?


Re: get charachters from positionX to positionY

Postby Fred Kleinschmidt » Wed, 16 May 2007 23:29:15 GMT

cut -c 69-79 filename
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