Replacement for Win32 events



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Replacement for Win32 events

Postby John Eskie » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 23:03:11 GMT


Beeing a Windows programmer I got very little experience with the unix api.
From what I understood pthreads are needed for multithreaded programming. I
looked at the pthread api and got the following question.

I got a list of threads in my existing windows prog and during shutdown I
got a event which will be signalled to specify the threads should be shut

It looks like this (only a sample of how it looks):

void ThreadFunc()
while (1)
if (waitforsingleobject(event, <return immediately>) == success) // If we
got a event then we quit the loop and shut the thread

for (i = 0; i < all threads; i++)
    setevent(threadlist[i].event); // signal that we want to quit the thread

for (i = 0; i < all threads; i++)
    if (waitforsingleobject(threadlist[i].event, <max. 500 millisecond
delay>) == success) // if thread didn't shutdown we wait max. 500 msec and
force it to be killed.

I assume I need to use some of those semaphore functions but I am not sure.
I checked out some code which had both win32 and unix code in same code base
but it didn't handle delaying like the 500 millisecond I did.

Thanks in advance.

-- John

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Best Regard

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