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java starter sh

Postby Jean Pierre Daviau » Sun, 24 Dec 2006 05:17:27 GMT

Hi everybody,

I dont really understand much on Unix.
Is there an emulator for windows on which I could practice?

Are the sh files double clickable on Unix?

================  ===========================

if [ -z "$JAVA_HOME" ]
        echo "  ERROR: JAVA_HOME environment variable not found."
        echo ""
        echo "  Please set JAVA_HOME to the Java JDK installation
        exit 1

echo "java -jar posteprops.jar PosteProps"
====================  end  ==========================
Thanks for your attention.

Jean Pierre Daviau

Re: java starter sh

Postby Kohn Emil Dan » Sun, 24 Dec 2006 07:07:08 GMT

Bad for you ;-)

cygwin gives a fairly good emulation of the UNIX environment on Windows.
You can download it from:


cygwin includes most utilities you might find in a typical UNIX 
installation and a library which emulates most UNIX/POSIX system calls.

Unix has no concept of 'double clickable files'. However many 
X-Windows desktop environments (e.g. GNOME or KDE) which do run on UNIX 
provide features similar to shortcuts on Windows. A shortcut can indeed 
point to a shell script (which might have the .sh extension).


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and Google Groups but could not find an answer... I'm hoping someone
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Recently I upgraded my test server and installed Red Hat 8.0, but now
to execute scripts I need to use "sh ./"

As a result some of the applications I was using no longer work. Can
anyone explain how to execute scripts without the sh, or point me to a
relevant resource on the Internet.


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