Bipashas Fitness Secret Revealed


Bipashas Fitness Secret Revealed

Postby yaqub khan » Mon, 29 Jun 2009 02:19:59 GMT

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Well, you probably know by now that Microsoft hires tons of people to
post online and complain about PS3 in online forums and blog comments
and news followup comments.  Only recently Sony has countered the
threat and did the same to protect their image.
There are lots at stake.  One is that Microsoft feels threatened that
this playstation product line is taking a large percentage of the main
reason people purchase computers (to play games and surf the
internet).  Sony enlisted the help of UK and now the battle
has begun.  At the helm of Sony is a UK boss and you know that the US
(where Microsoft is) and the UK split up a while ago (declaration of
independence).  Well, if you remember a while ago, England liked going
to different countries and merging them into their
own (colonies or commonwealth, whatever you call it).  At one point it
had India, Hong Kong, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia,
South Africa, and many others on almost all the continents.  The
United States rebelled and split up and soon after many
countries did the same, but not all.  The US took this independence
split so strongly it started going to other countries to split them up
as well (West and East Germany, China and Taiwan, North and South
Korea, and almost Vietnam).  In fact the US almost split
itself apart during the US civil war.  Right now it is trying to split
Iraq into different parts based on ethnicities (I think they are
building walls now).  Japan is like the UK, it liked going to other
countries to merge into itself.  Well it is interesting that the UK
and Japan
are now friendly with each other in Sony against the US in Microsoft.
The "union"ist against the splitter.  One liked to make slaves of
people, the other create conflict within people to split them.

Sony seems to have great expertise in hardware and very skilled in
game software.  Microsoft seems to have great expertise in software
(so so in games), and destroying competing companies.  Sony doesn't go
around destroying companies, they seem to
manufacture products that compete with their own products and destroy
their old products to keep innovating.  Microsoft doesn't try to
innovate, they copy what is new out there, merge into their OS and
destroy competing companies to keep the platform same and
stable.  Some examples of Sony is the CD, then the DVD, then the Blu-
Ray.  The same with their digital cameras (many new models each year
replacing older products) and camcorders, and walkmans, etc.  Some
examples of Microsoft is the destruction of netscape,
wordperfect, lotus, OS/2, doublespace, many many others.  Now they are
going after Adobe (flash) and Sony (games) and Linux (OS) and to a
small extent apple (Vista is a copy of many parts of Apple's OS).
Microsoft is going into the hardware business now (Xbox),
and is probably going to start manufacturing the PC themselves anytime
now, and destroy Dell and HP (and probably lots of clone parts makers
in the process).  They own the IP to all the pieces of XBOX360
hdardware (which is basically runs windows inside).

Well, many people have quoted... "Microsoft is three times a charm",
so they will probably not win with Xbox360 (the market that is,
profitwise is another matter).  It will probably take another
iteration before Microsoft actually gets it right.  In the mean time,
Sony is
headed into the other direction.  Instead of purely hardware and game
software, they are trying to now innovate with software instead of
just hardware.  Sony is good at coming up with new stuff to make the
past stuff obsolete.  Microsoft is good at grabbing other people's
stuff and destroy the maker of those stuff.  So what will happen when
these two companies collide?  One scenario is that Sony keeps making
new stuff that Microsoft copies, but Sony doesn't stay still because
it is in their blood to keep making new stuff and let the old stuff
go obsolete.  So Sony will keep feeding Microsoft, and Microsoft will
always be one step behind (take for instance blu-ray and hdmi,
Microsoft is one generation behind).

Here are the other scenarios...

Microsoft wins.  During the third time, Microsoft copies exactly
Sony's business and merges it into the Windows.  (which is what
Microsoft is actually doing now... it is merging XBox into Windows and
calling it XNA and Windows for Gaming).  But in order to copy Sony,
Microsoft would have to innovate in hardware areas that Sony is good
at, and this is a tough hill to climb.

Sony wins.  Sony gets to 65nm and then 45nm process, reduces the chips
and the PS3 sells cheaper than what Microsoft can do.  Sony opens up
the operating system, and moves into Microsoft's territory with basic
apps.  (They are already half doing this by making Linux
Yellowdog standard secondary OS, allowing any apps to run from linux).

Note that Microsoft has lots of capital.  They are buying up all the
game companies it thinks are important. But it seems many companies
that do make good software (those that matter) are making PS3 games
again after a honeymoon with Microsoft's money.  So the
developer territory is not all that clear at this moment.  But one
thing is clear, the more powerful machine is the PS3 and once it is
tapped when the price of the PS3 lowers then it will be PS2 all over
again.  So what will happen in the mean times is that Microsoft will
try to buy up all the developers to dry up Sony's base of software
titles, copy the business model of playstation and put it into Vista
or windows, and do their usual business tactics to drive sony out of
the business (like the postings online and the media stuff, etc).
they will start manufacturing their next XBox PC's to run their own
Windows Plus Games OS (Vista Game OS).  It is like Windows Plus
Internet Explorer after netscape died.  but in this case Dell and HP
and clone manufacturers will die this time as well.  by then Sony
will most likely keep innovating in the Game and Media area with the
next generation, and probably merge all the basic needs of computing
into the PS3 or PS4.  By the next generation the difference between
Microsoft and Sony will be less clear if they attack each other
head on.  Can an innovative hardware company that is just picking up
software innovation :compete: with a software copying monopoly with
lots of capital capable of destroying competitors (and just picking up
hardware innovation)?

In other words, Sony is learning software innovation while Microsoft
is learning hardware innovation.  To even the competition, Sony should
at a minimum copy the basic operating system of PC's so people can do
regular stuff and install application in the XMB.  They actually
went half way there by allowing people to do music, pictures, movie
viewing, chatting, and webbrowsing.  Once they open up the XMB a full
war will start between Windows and XMB.  Sony will have an advantage
because consoles cost less than PCs and this time around
the monitor resolution of a PS3 is the same or higher than the average
PC monitor.  Microsoft in the mean time copied almost all of Sony's
console features (but of the last generation).

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