dark corners where sh -e is not in effect



  • 1. Embedded quotes in shell command. HELP!!
    Hello, All! I'm having a problem where a Perl script needs to launch a command in the following format (which doesn't work now): ssh appserv1 -l appadmin 'find /app2/files/*.txt-* -mtime -1 | grep -v 'Z$' | cut -d . -f 1' As you can see, what this command does is logs on to server appserv1, pulls *.txt* files from directory /app2/files/ that are not older than one day, filters the results with grep command so that entries for files ending with letter Z are not retrieved, and uses cut command to remove file extensions. My problem is with nested single-quotes, as the grep command requires the pattern to be single-quoted. But in this case the entire command following ssh appserv1 -l appadmin must be single quoted as well (or am I missing something?). Is there a way to escape the inner single quotes in this command, cuz otherwise I'll have to write a separate Perl routine for filtering the entries ending with letter Z, in which case I can remove the grep command from the statement. Thanks for your help, Endorphin.
  • 2. How to update groups w/o re-logging in?
    I have been added to a new group by our sysadmin, but my *existing* shell sessions don't recognize it (new sessions do). Is there a way to tell my *existing* shell sessions about the new group, so that, e.g., it shows in the output of the "groups" command? Thanks! kj -- NOTE: In my address everything before the first period is backwards; and the last period, and everything after it, should be discarded.

Re: dark corners where sh -e is not in effect

Postby Chris F.A. Johnson » Thu, 03 Jun 2004 07:30:49 GMT

   The subshell, invoked with (), is not a simple command:

       set [--abefhkmnptuvxBCHP] [-o option] [arg ...]


           -e   Exit  immediately if a simple command (see SHELL GRAMMAR
                above) exits with a non-zero status.

    Chris F.A. Johnson                   http://www.**--****.com/ 
    My code (if any) in this post is copyright 2004, Chris F.A. Johnson
    and may be copied under the terms of the GNU General Public License

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