• 1. Files needed to rename the server
    I need a list of files to rename a Solaris server. I have modified the /etc/hosts, /etc/hostname.hme1 and it still brings back the original name after reboot. Any help would be a appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  • 2. relationship between /usr/bin/adb and /usr/bin/ps
    hi all, has anyone notice the relationship between this 2 files?? whenever u change the permission of either file, it also apply to the other file as well. for example orginal - r-xr-xr-x root root /usr/bin/adb r-xr-xr-x root root /usr/bin/ps #chmod 554 /usr/bin/adb after - r-xr-xr-- root root /usr/bin/adb r-xr-xr-- root root /usr/bin/ps anyone has any idea on this. Thanks
  • 3. fsck and boot
    Hi, Recently my ultra 10 has been on the reboot displaying this when it does a fsck: fsck: ioctl _FIOGETSUPERBLOCK error: Inappropriate ioctl for device the only way to get around on a reboot is to do a boot -r does anyone have any suggestions as to why this would happen ?
  • 4. gnome and solaris
    please can anyone give information on the following problem We are using as main Server a SUN sparc with solaris 8 we have about 50 clients on our net with RH9. On our Server we have install NIS authentication and we use the same user name for our clients we received the following message when we try to logout "An error occured while loading oe saving configuration information at gnome panel. Some configuration setting may not work properly." Can anyone help me please on what to do Thanks in advance


Postby huge » Fri, 11 Nov 2005 23:29:48 GMT

I fear I have done a foolish thing...

Sometime in the past, likely November 2003, I moved /var/spool/pkg from
the real /var to another disk and created a link from the real /var/spool/pkg
to the directory elsewhere (probably because /var was short of disk space).

In the intervening period, I seem to have lost the entire contents of the
directory, with the exception of SMClibgcc/  SMCperl/    SMCsamba/

I don't suppose (he said, pathetically hopefully) there's any way of recreating
this directory (or rather it's contents), is there? I have no backups
that old.

Also, rather oddly, pkginfo no longer produces any output at all, not even
about the packages that remain in /var/spool/pkg. Why's that?

I successfully installed the Solaris 8 Recommended patch
cluster a few weeks ago, and I thought that wouldn't work without a
valid /var/spool/pkg?

patchadd -p no longer works;

anubis{root}40: patchadd -p

/usr/sbin/patchadd[6]: /var/sadm/pkg:  not found
grep: can't open */pkginfo
grep: can't open */pkginfo
/usr/sbin/patchadd[15]: /var/sadm/pkg:  not found
No patches installed

I've done this on two boxes, too. (One an Ultra-2, the other an Ultra-10,
both with Sol 8). I suspect I did something dumb in order to get the
patch kit to install.


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Re: /var/spool/pkg

Postby Thomas Maier-Komor » Sat, 12 Nov 2005 20:58:26 GMT

that does not sound odd at all, because it is the _spool_ directory. The
metadata of the packages is stored under /var/sadm/pkg not

because pkginfo gets its info from /var/sadm/pkg/* and
/var/sadm/install/contents AFAIK.

maybe /var/sadm/pkg was still available back then....

what about showrev -p?

I guess you have to try to restore your system from a backup or
reinstall it.


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