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QFS /Sun Cluster 3.1

Postby Nabil » Thu, 26 Jan 2006 22:42:38 GMT

I am in the process of choosing between RAW devices or a QFS (Sun
Cluster 3.1/Solaris 9) to support a busy online transactional Oracle
RAC 10g application.

I want to know of any QFS drawbacks or performance issues.  Again, this
will be a very busy online transactional system supporting in excess of
3000 concurrent users.

I would like to hear from anyone with a similar setup.

Nabil Courdy

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1.Sun Cluster + QFS or Sun Cluster + Veritas

Right now I've got some 3.5 Veritas Clusters running Oracle8
that are due for an upgrade.

I'm playing around with the idea of getting rid of all of
our Veritas software and replacing it with Sun software
(since cluster is now free).

So it would be:

Solaris 10 (01/06 HW release, latest patches)
Sun Volume Manager
Sun Cluster 3.1

I've used Veritas for so long now & am weary of mixing it in
with Sun Cluster.  Ideally - I'd like to just go with one vendor
for my clustering.

Is MPXIO comparable to DMP?  Are people actually running Sun volume 
manager under production Oracle DB's?  I've used SVM for mirroring
boot drives on web servers and app servers but never in the database

I've read that QFS can do the volume management all on it's own -
is that what people are typically using with Sun Clusters?

I'm reading the FAQs and white papers right now but would love to
hear from some people with real world experience with the stuff.


2.Minimal package requirements for Sun Cluster 3.1

Hi all,

i tried to fit SC into a custom Jumpstart today. It's
annoying enough that the only reference to what packages
are needed is the suggestion to use the SUNWCuser cluster.
But even with SUNWCuser it still complained about missing
SUNWcacao* and SUNWjdmk* packages. After digging through
some release notes i found, that Sun (at least for the
SUNWjdmk* packages) suggests to install the whole SUNWCdev
That's the last straw! I'm not going to pollute the
systems with that much crap!
Does anyone have a (almost) complete list of packages
needed for Sun Cluster 3.1 to work? This would spare me
some iterations ...



3.solaris 10 sun cluster 3.1

Hello everyone
I downloaded sun solaris 3.1 and I found out that the versione 3.1
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some one can confirm this!?
Fabrizio Cardarello

4.SUN Cluster 3.1: reinstall configuration


after configuring SC3.1 with scinstall I found an error
in my configuration..
So what I wanted to do is to reconfigure but when I
run again scinstall the asterix-symbol in front of point 1) isn't there
and so I have no chance to reconfigure.

"Googled" a little bit I found a "solution":
Deinstallation of all SC 3.1 packages. Ok, I tried it and it works.

BUT isn't there any easier way to reconfigure SC 3.1 instead of
deinstall all packages so that I'm able to choose point 1) in scinstall?

I'm newbie in SC 3.1 and scconf isn't yet my friend



5.Oracle Listener Probe Monitory for Sun cluster 3.1

Hi, i have question regarding Oracle Agent for Sun cluster 3.1.
Due to havy load of our Sun cluster Machine, we get sometimes this
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[ID 914248 user.error] Listener status probe timed out after 15
[ID 914248 user.error] Listener status probe timed out after 15
This cause stop and restart the listener in our Resource group.
I want to know if it's possible to increase the time before the
resource Listener try to restart, i am searching for the probe time
out, but i see nothing with 15 seconds.
Thanks for you answer.


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