Acceptance Test for SUN Cluster



  • 1. Linker ld
    all: Have a question with respect to the linker 'ld' on Solaris 2.8 We use a machine (say A) for our loadbuild. Our patch team (which patches fixes) uses another machine (say B)to build. The problem encountered is this: Machine B installed some OS patches. Hence, the code linked in that machine using 'ld' produced different size executable and sharedLib than what was produced in Machine A. To ensure both machines produce same size executable, there was a proposal to put the linker 'ld' in a repository like ClearCase(CC). this way the linker used is the same. I guess i could put 'ld' on CC. However, iam not sure whether that alone would work? are there any other libraries which 'ld' needs which should also be in CC? Also, is there a chance that some other OS patching in the future could cause the 'ld'(which i put in CC) to fail in future? Thanks for your time in advance! Madhu
  • 2. netra x1 serial console multi user login
    hi there on my netra x1 configure on the boot prompt to use seriala for in/out is can succesfully login in single user mode and acces the machine but if i switch to multiuser mode (exit/ctrl-d) apparently the tty settings change in such a way that a lf or cr gives a new login prompt but trying to login with a username (eg.root) gives an emptyline and the login prompt again. i tried every possible option in /etc/ttydefs and /etc/inittab and basically am stuck getting this machine accessed after single user mode any suggestions? regards hoyte swager XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 3. Fault tolerance with RAID
    Hello. I am not that familiar with Solaris, and have to face an issue I'd appreciate some help with. I currently have and use Solaris 8 on a small SPARC (Ultra Enterprise 2), with no particular problems. However, we are about to purchase a larger machine, that will most probably have RAID support (with hot swapping). So I have some simple questions: 1. Provided we have hardware RAID support, is there anything that has to be done from inside the OS? I mean, is hot swapping and all the features of RAID transparent to the sysadmin? 2. Can this whole idea of having mirrored disks be applied to the OS' filesystems as well (eg. /usr) or is it used only for data filesystems? (eg. /var/mail). Sorry for not being specific enough. In general, any good resource regarding RAID and Solaris would be mostly appreciated. Regards, Greg
  • 4. Job ID page question
    Is possible to disable the job identification page? The first page that prints out when you send a file to the printer. I have edited the interface script file for the printer but couldn't get rid of it. Thanks for any info.

Acceptance Test for SUN Cluster

Postby Jordan Catalano » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 04:37:08 GMT

Salut Newsgroups

You have some Papers/technical Docus for
SUN Cluster Acceptance Tests?

thanks for any idea and support

kind regards

Re: Acceptance Test for SUN Cluster

Postby Rhugga » Thu, 22 Jan 2004 07:11:36 GMT

The last time I had to test this I merely went to the production node 
and pulled the power cable with a boatload of oracle transactions in 
progress. =)


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