Problem installing Solaris 8 02/02 on "2nd" disk



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Problem installing Solaris 8 02/02 on "2nd" disk

Postby terry.haebich » Thu, 25 Sep 2003 16:10:05 GMT

I have a Sun Blade 150 with two 36Gb disks. I installed Solaris 8
02/02 on c0t0d0s0 ok (disk 0). As part of this installation, I setup
/spareroot (removed it's entry from /etc/vfstab), swap and /export
partitions on c0t2d0s# (disk 1).
I then tried to install Solaris 8 into c0t2d0s0 of disk 1 but my
following procedure did not work:
When you get to specify the partitions, do not specify any on c0t0d0
(disk 0), and match those previously set on c0t2d0 (disk 1) except
instead of /spareroot on c0t2d0s0, set it as /. When you get to the
stage of the software actually being installed off the cd, within a
second, the screen displays the progress indicator as 100% complete
followed by the # prompt. No software is installed on c0t2d0s0.
Booting and running off disk 0 is ok.
What am I doing wrong?
TIA, Terry

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console server. 

Why is this happening? Is there something in the inital configure utility
that stops the terminal? How can I avoid this problem if it happens again?
Is it only me?  

Bye, Dragan

Dragan Cvetkovic, 

To be or not to be is true. G. Boole      No it isn't.  L. E. J. Brouwer

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TL=0000.0000.0000.0001  TT=0000.0000.0000.0064
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Has anybody any ideas?   The company that owns this box (I'm a
contractor) has no sun maintenenace on it (or any other sunblade 1000
come to that!) so I can't call Sun for any ideas.



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