How to enable both Ctrl - H and backspace for deleting left on Solaris 10



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    Sorry again for this newbie question. I have never installed Solaris before (only used it). After having downloaded the x86 vesion of Solaris I pasted the parts successfully into an iso archive. The resulting ISO archive looks (syntactically) good when I peek into it. However I would have expected to find something like an "autorun" or "setup.exe" on this DVD (similar to the - sorry - Windows world) but do not. When I burn this ISO archive on a DVD and boot the target computer this target computer will not know what do do with this Solaris stuff. How do I boot and install Solaris (on a x86 system) with such a DVD? Thomas
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    Hi Folks, I know this is more BIND specific than Solaris, but we are running Sun kit and I know all the real gurus hang out here... sweet talk, sweet talk... Here goes the question... Is it possible to limit recursive lookups within BIND so that you can stop others using your DNS servers as open lookups. Let me explain a bit more. We have many remote users so we run our own DNS for a number of sites over a geographically diverse area so we do run an open recursive DNS lookup service. Is it possible to limit this to keep recursive lookups but block FOR JUST ONE OR TWO specific address ranges? I know you can do: options { allow-query { address_match_list; }; }; but can you INVERT this so it just lists those you **don't** want to be recursive for. I've looked in ye old BIND book but the cupboard was bare.... Thanks in advance, P.

How to enable both Ctrl - H and backspace for deleting left on Solaris 10

Postby lovecreatesbeauty » Tue, 07 Feb 2006 13:06:19 GMT

Somebodies prefer Ctrl - H but some others prefer backspace for
deleting the left characters, so is it possible to enable both on
Solaris 10?



Re: How to enable both Ctrl - H and backspace for deleting left on Solaris 10

Postby lovecreatesbeauty » Tue, 07 Feb 2006 13:44:21 GMT

I only find profile under /etc, but none under personal $HOME. I
changed default $HOME of root from / to /export/home/root, and this is
ok. After that, I copied the /etc/profile to /export/home/root, but the
second profile doesn't take effect, then I can only make changes in the
global /etc/profile. This is way I ask the question.

By the way, those two .profile files take effect on HP-UX 11 machine.

Re: How to enable both Ctrl - H and backspace for deleting left on Solaris 10

Postby Dave Uhring » Tue, 07 Feb 2006 13:50:46 GMT


Re: How to enable both Ctrl - H and backspace for deleting left on Solaris 10

Postby Dave Uhring » Tue, 07 Feb 2006 13:54:53 GMT

Not ok; that is stupid.

Re: How to enable both Ctrl - H and backspace for deleting left on Solaris 10

Postby Mahmood » Tue, 07 Feb 2006 14:30:45 GMT

mostly I've seen this your Terminal's ability , if you are usign it
remotely and otherwise you have to define it accorindgly in your SHELL
if you are on the system itself,
Like I have enabled following on my Solaris 8 System as follows:

stty erase \^\?

in /etc/profile for the systemwide changes.


Nasir Mahmood.

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