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  • 1. Possible? Swapping and ufsdump tapes beween S8 and S10
    I have a about 7 SCSI disks on a Solaris 8 (S8) machine that I am going to remove and place them into a Solaris 10 (S10) machine. I briefly tried this but got all sorts of fsck errors when I did. I put them back into the Soalris 8 machine. I'm now in the process of getting all valuable data from these disks (from S8) so that I can re-format them once I plug them into the S10 machine. Is it possible/feasable to do this? It would save me alot fo work if it was. I wouldn't hav to make copies and ten go throug the reformatting process. It would surprise me though if there were some low level USF changes between S8 and S10 that would make this impossible. Also, I have 20gb SCSI DAT tapes that I backed up using ufsdump on said S8 machine, it is possible to restore these on a S10 machine? Or do I hav to redo all of the backup tapes? I figure by sometime Monday or Tuesday I am going to be in a position to re-attempt moving the drives as-is after all important data is backed up on the disks, and then after that I will also attempt to do a ufsrestore from the tapes that were ufsdumped via the S8 machine. Any input appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  • 2. VTOC
    I faced that problem when I was installing Sol 8 : Intel platform New WD HD 160 GB. unable to mount on a Solaris root file system from the device . Disk:Target 0: on Bus mastering IDE controller on board PCI bus 0 , at Dev 31,func1 error message /pci@,00/...........:a:Can not open - no hstf VTOC Press Enter to continue How can I face that error ?
  • 3. [very_newbie] internet problem
    hi i've just installed my own solaris 10 and now i have a huge problem... during instalation i chose 'not networked' option and now i have absolutely no idea how to change it it would be great to configure adsl modem (sagem fast 800) but i know it is very difficutl(for me;)-is there any drivers for this modem? so, i decided to share an intenet connection to my solaris from other computer (win2k) using dhcp,but on solaris i cannot find any option to configure network/internet connection help,please!
  • 4. Zones in Solaris 10
    Hi all, I am wondering if it is possible to live upgrade (downgrade) a zone from Solaris 10 to Solaris 9 or this is totally out of question? Is the concept of zones similar to Virtual Machines such as VMware? Thanks,
  • 5. mount problem - RPC program not registered.
    On Sun, 16 Apr 2006 00:02:25 -0500, Cisco News wrote: > I got the following error while trying to mount a remote directory, can > anybody tell me what should I do to resolve it ? > root> mount david-u60:/opt2/dev-tools/InstallAnywhere /opt/dev-tools > nfs mount: david-u60: : RPC: Program not registered > nfs mount: retrying: /opt/dev-tools Is rpcbind running on your client host? How to fix it? Tell us what version of Solaris you are using.

support charges

Postby atif76 » Tue, 03 Apr 2007 18:10:23 GMT

Is there any prices list available from where I can have the idea of
support charges against different support levels like


Thanks and Regards,

Re: support charges

Postby Sharif Rizal » Tue, 03 Apr 2007 22:55:47 GMT


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