Console Problem on Sun Fire V890



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Re: Console Problem on Sun Fire V890

Postby tunla » Fri, 03 Aug 2007 15:45:39 GMT


You need  the Console ttymon  to generate a login on the console
( note that the consol port is not a fixed physical port.  it is
reassignable to diffrent
devices  using the OBP.  It can be a graphics card. it can be the

This is what the serial port setup is supposed to look like  if you
are  going to get a prompt on any of the two
standard serial ports.

# sacadm -l
zsmon          ttymon         -    0    ENABLED    /usr/lib/saf/ttymon
# pmadm -l -p zsmon
PMTAG          PMTYPE         SVCTAG         FLGS ID
zsmon          ttymon         ttya           u    root     /dev/term/a
I - /usr/bin/login - 9600 ldterm,ttcompat ttya login:  - tvi925 y  #
zsmon          ttymon         ttyb           u    root     /dev/term/b
I - /usr/bin/login - 9600 ldterm,ttcompat ttyb login:  - tvi925

If on the other hand you are talking about a  port  on a Remote
Service processor card.  ( RSC ) you will need
to install the software and configure the RSC .

you can read up on the RSC and download the software for it from here:



Re: Console Problem on Sun Fire V890

Postby Darren Dunham » Sat, 04 Aug 2007 06:10:08 GMT

I assume you mean if neither of them are hosting the console at the
time.  If the default of 'console' being on serial port A is in place,
then the other port monitors do not need to be running.  That's the most
common case.

In fact here the capital 'I' shows that these ports were only
'initialized'.  They are not running a monitor.  The effect is for other
tools that use the ports to get some nice default settings.  These
monitors do not (currently) control any logins.

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Re: Console Problem on Sun Fire V890

Postby salmanfaheem » Sat, 11 Aug 2007 12:41:21 GMT


Hi All,

Just wanted to update you all about the status of this problem.

Alhumdolillaah, i able to connect to the SunFire V890 Console using
DB-25 Serial port.

The problem was in the console cable, i was using cross-over cable by
mistake and assuming its straight cable.

So the conclusion is that to connect to DB-25 Serial of SunFire V890
you must use straigth cable.

[ as i mentioned in my original post. ]

Thanks for all who tried to help me out. i really appreciate them and
keep it up the good work.

Your Junior Admin

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I am unable to connect to Serial Console using DB-25 connector at Sun
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I believe the console port is being in used by some other process
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from the telnet session i got following deamon. :

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Your Junior Admin

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