Trouble installing Solaris 10 x86


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Trouble installing Solaris 10 x86

Postby Will Parsons » Mon, 13 Mar 2006 06:10:27 GMT

I have just downloaded the installation CD images from Sun and burnt CD's
and am trying to install on a laptop that already has OS's installed
(Linux & FreeBSD).  I have gotten to the point where I have the Customize
fdisk Partitions screen and changed the type of the third partition (where
I want to install Solaris) to Solaris.  The size is showing up correctly as 
9414 MB, which I think should be more than enough, but when I hit Next, I 
get an error:

Unable to allocate Partition 3, Type Solaris, Size 9414 due to not
enough space under the current disk layout.

I tried setting the type to Unused, but this gives an error:

You must allocate a Solaris partition of minimum size 30 MB for this disk.

One other fact which I don't *think* should be relevant, but you never know:
I had to do some partition rearranging (using Linux fdisk) to find the space
for installing Solaris, and have it so that partition 2 (where I want to 
install Solaris) is layed out on the disk after partition 3 (which contains
FreeBSD).  The Solaris screen is presenting the partitions in disk layout 
order, with partition 2 (as seen by Linux fdisk) as the third partition

Any help would be much appreciated.

- Will

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