Locatrion in File structure of new scsi disk



  • 1. resizing swap partition after new installation of Soalris 8
    Hi, Novice solaris user, learning enough to be very dangerous. I've got a sparcstation 20 which i'm trying to use as a radius, log and tftp server for a home study lab (cisco lab). There's two 1G disks in the unit, one of which has failed. No money to replace it at the moment I've run out of disk space on the remaining 1 Gig disk and am trying to reduce the default 512M swap partition to add it to another partition (root or /var, doesn't matter as long as I can install a radius server onto it later). I've mucked about with boot cdrom -s, format partition and have promptly destroyed my current installation :) Ok, boot single user mode, setup the partitions I want then boot cdrom to install. Again the installation changes the swap partition to 512M and splits up the rest between / and /var. I'm going through third install and surfed around a bit but I have been unable to reduce my swap partition size without killing the rest of the partitions. All I need to do is reduce the swap partition down to 256M and then the use the now free space to install one program. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance

Locatrion in File structure of new scsi disk

Postby gev_d » Sat, 16 Dec 2006 04:41:54 GMT

Hey all,

Q) With system powered off, you physically connect a new SCSI disk
the existing SCSI chain.You boot the system using the boot -r comman.

In which four locations can you find the new device names for the new
SCSI disk???

A. /devices
B. /dev/dsk

I thought answer would be  ABC and E but   book I have says its ABC and

Please advise


Re: Locatrion in File structure of new scsi disk

Postby comp.unix.solaris » Sat, 16 Dec 2006 05:08:09 GMT

You are right. May I cite from the path_to_inst(4) manual page
regarding E?

     This file is read only at  boot  time,  and  is  updated  by
     add_drv(1M) and drvconfig(1M).

Hence this file is possibly updated by oot -r?through devfsadm(1m)
(which is the successor of drvconfig(1m)).

F, i.e. /etc/name_to_major is an ``editted file'' of the SUNWcsr package
that is possibly updated by add_drv(1m) when new drivers are installed.


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